Pellet fed biomass stove and vertical air outlet. Get a more homogeneous heat distribution.

The design of the Meltemi stove bases its development on the analysis of the dynamics of thermal fluxes developed by heating systems. This analysis has identified that the optimal solution for heating systems, where the air flow is noticeable, is optimized through the vertical air outlet with respect to people: the longer the length of the air shovel, more homogeneous is the diffusion of heat compared to the room in which it has been installed.

The sliding front panel of the Meltemi stove allows the outgoing air to be directed. The hot air flow thus obtained also reduces dust movement, unlike the systems that direct the air towards the ground. These technical solutions have allowed us to characterize the design of the stove, making it recognizable and unique in its kind.

The hermetic Meltemi stove is the only one with the exclusive "Vertical Air" patent, thanks to which the hot air forms a vertical current.

The Meltemi stove is suitable for heating medium and large surfaces. Thanks to the duct system, it is possible to heat more rooms evenly by taking advantage of the high efficiency of the internal ventilation system.

The AUTO function, which can be configured by remote control, automatically guarantees the correct power level of the machine according to the ambient heat demand. The user can manually manage the operation of the duct duct fans or it can be configured automatically according to the ambient temperature of the rooms with individual heating. The product is especially suitable for simple use and, at the same time, has the remote control possibility through an application to manage the various functions.

JOLLY MEC has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here

Biomass separator equipment that is based on the principle of separation by density in wet medium in two phases of the chipped sarmiento

The operation of the Cleaning and Valorisation Equipment (ES2606774 patent) is based on the principle of separation by density in humid medium in two phases of the chipped raw sarmiento. It's about a continuous cleaning and rinsing process, composed of two units arranged in line:

  • 1 Drive: High density element separation. Equipped with a system of decantation of water and filtration, as well as a tilting system for improper discharge.
  • 2 Drive: Sandstone and adhering land cleaning. It is a rinsing system equipped with a membrane filter.

This equipment is capable of processing 50.000 tons of gross sarmiento at a 14 performance t / h, obtaining 40.000t of sarmiento valued with a Calorific Power of 19,12 Gj / t and ashes lower than 3%. The cleaning of 20% implies an increase of 0,955 MW / t.

This biomass, unable to be valued freshly collected on the farmer's plot, due to the high level of improper contaminants it contains, an 20% of stones, sand, metals and plastics, being valued makes it possible to:

  • La value of more than 1.500.000 annual tons of biomass woody of sarmiento, betting on sustainability and generating 1.875 direct and indirect jobs.
  • To take advantage of 6.600.000 MW thermal per year, avoiding the emission every year of 2.464 kt of CO2, 8.760 t of NOx, 2.190 t of SOx, 191.850 t of CO, 28.620 t of VOC.
  • El current regulatory compliancesuch as the 22 / 2011 Waste Law, the Climate Change Strategy, the Circular Economy Law and the 34 / 2007 Air Quality Law.
  • Obtaining environmental benefits avoiding the burning of the sarmiento at the foot of the plot, which would reduce by more than 90% the carbon footprint in the wine industry (calculation made according to the IPCC method).

This valued sarmiento biomass can be used as an industrial pellet of 10 mm, like splintered alpacada for thermal and electrical industry over long distances, even for export, and as a splinter in bulk for the thermal and electrical industry nearby.

ATHISA BIOGENERATION has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here

Palazzetti presents ECOMONOBLOCCO WT (Wood Tecnology) at Expobiomasa Hogar de Leña

The WT series Ecomonoblocco is a device that has the following new technologies:

  1. ET4W (Easy Tech For Wood): new technology for wood products that allows you to control, completely automatically, a whole set of household functions through the wall control panel, the remote control or with a smartphone (using an APP). The controllable functions are:
    • Flame power.
    • Ventilation.
    • Opening and closing the door.
    • Turning the nozzle LEDs on and off.
  2. COMBUSTION CONTROL WITH CONTINUOUS REGULATION: patented system for the regulation of combustion with continuous variation, which acts at the same time on both air flows, primary and secondary.
  3. O2RING: integrated system that allows to reduce emissions considerably, and allows it to comply with the most restrictive European regulations on emissions.
  4. FUEL AIR CHANNELING: This device allows the combustion air to be channeled directly from the outside of the house, avoiding the injection of air into the house, offering more safety, comfort and efficiency.

Ecomonoblocco WT is an authentic heating installation that brings the ideal climate to the whole house, with minimalist lines starring only the flame; It can be controlled remotely and its benefits are extraordinary. In fact, its high performance allows you to reach the 4 stars according to the DM 186 for the Italian market and the 7 stars Flamme Verte in France. As well complies with Ecodesign 2022.

PALAZZETTI LELIO SPA has presented this candidacy for the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award. More information about the Innovation Award here

DEKO PELLETS STYLE is specifically designed for the exhaustion of combustion fumes from biomass stoves with pellet fuel. Its biggest advantages are its minimalist design, its rough exterior ceramic coating and smooth interior coating.

The DEKO PELLETS STYLE duct range is specifically designed to exhaust combustion fumes from biomass stoves with pellet fuels, as certified by their CE marking according to EN 1856-1. This product manufactured in carbon steel, together with an inner and outer ceramic coating, they provide the conduit with a high resistance to corrosion and also give it the aesthetic finish (tone / color and texture), thereby achieving architectural integration with the generating apparatus.

The DINAKISOL system is specifically designed for your installation in the area in which the duct of evacuation crosses floors and / or combustible walls, regardless of their orientation. This solution has the relevant certification according to EN 1856-1.

The evacuation ducts of generating devices with biomass fuel can only be installed on a single wall in the enclosure where the generating apparatus is installed, to improve the energy efficiency of the installation, while preventing the risk of human contact accidental in other enclosures of the house, as set out in the UNE 123001 standard, so that the location of the DEKO PELLETS STYLE range is confined to said enclosure, just in the place where the aesthetic requirements are highest.

The main advantages of the DEKO PELLETS STYLE range are:

  • Minimalist design of the unions between pieces
  • Outer rough ceramic coating in matt black, which guarantees a perfect architectural integration with the generator.
  • Interior smooth ceramic coating, which favors that the soot generated during the combustion of the biomass does not adhere to the duct, thereby facilitating the inspection and cleaning operations so necessary in these facilities.

The DINAKISOL system consists of 3 elements:

  • Watertight element integrated in the floor and / or fuel wall
  • Flat bezel with integrated joint in the floor and / or fuel wall
  • Flat lacquered black trim

DINAK has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here

Biomass in normalized pellet format made with olive bone. More economical and can be used on the same equipment as the wood pellet.

Manufacturing of olive bone pellet. This new biofuel product is achieved by transforming and normalizing a fuel such as bone in a standardized pelllet format.

The results of the first analyzes carried out by CARTIF meet several parameters of the ENplus standard for wood pellets, such as humidity (9,4%), calorific value (3.920 kcal / kg in wet PCI base), ashes (0,5%), etc. . These results are achieved thanks to the olive bone treatment obtained in our factory, and currently It is certified under BIOMASUD parameters.

We simply make pellets with a standard pellet making machine, adding a small proportion of binder natural fuel that practically does not alter the raw material values: BIOMASUD A1 olive bone.

Currently, this product is being analyzed in national and international reference laboratories, in order to endorse the good performance results obtained in the tests last winter in installations between 50 kW and 350 kW.

This product is obtained in a way very economical. The PELLET ECONO is obtained from a by-product from agriculture annually on a massive basis and with little competition in use.

It will go to small and medium power combustion equipment that are looking for a standardized fuel and cheaper than wood pellet. The ECONO PELLET can be used in the same facilities as the traditional wood pellet since its characteristics are similar, normally with varying some parameters of the equipment the maximum performance and efficiency will be obtained.

ECOLOMA BIOFUELS has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here

"SCHOTT ROBAX® IN FRONT - THE NEWS" - with this headline invites SCHOTT ROBAX® to take a look at the future at the Expobiomasa trade fair held in Valladolid from 24 to 26 in september

“SCHOTT ROBAX® IN FRONT – THE NEWS” – Under this headline, SCHOTT ROBAX® is inviting visitors to take a look into the future at the Expobiomasa trade fair in Valladolid from September 24 - 26, 2019 (Hall 4/Booth 465). The premium brand will captivate visitors with hot news about its glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels. For instance, the ROBAX® IR Max coating can now be combined with all decorative colors the brand has to offer. The interior paneling ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions allows manufacturers of gas fireplaces to create completely new designs and flame effects.

Serial production of ROBAX® fire-viewing panels started 40 years ago and more than 100 million units have since been sold. At the SCHOTT ROBAX® booth the visitors can experience an insight into the contemporary history: Here, the innovations that have made the brand successful yesterday and today – and will make it successful tomorrow – come alive.

News for creative minds: ROBAX® IR Max with highly flexible printing

Good news for manufacturers and lovers of wood fireplaces: The ROBAX® IR Max heat-reflecting fire-viewing panel can now be combined with all ROBAX® decorative colors. This also includes three Metallic Design Effects, each combining two printing colors. The coated glass-ceramic reflects up to seven times more heat radiation back into the combustion chamber than an uncoated fire-viewing panel. This applies to infrared radiation (IR) in the wavelength spectrum between 800 and 8000 nanometers.

News for trendsetters: ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions

The gas fireplaces so popular in the United States are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, which has traditionally been dominated by wood. Gas fireplace manufacturers now have even more opportunities to differentiate themselves. The interior paneling ROBAX® Magic increases the design variety with “Signature Impressions,” a new collection of color, surface or print decorations, which create new visual effects: The flames appear larger and the combustion chamber deeper. Unlike other interior materials, no discoloration occurs. The panels offer excellent reflectivity and have a modern look. Several design examples will be on display at the trade fair, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of possible combinations.

News for curious developers

“We also have a surprise waiting for curious fireplace designers in our exhibition bag. Visitors to our booth will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the prototype of a world innovation on site,” says Stephanie Schwarz, Head of Sales & Marketing for SCHOTT ROBAX®.

Visitors should also make note of the second day of the fair (Wednesday, September 25, 2019) in their calendars: Starting at 16 p.m., SCHOTT will be staging a little “Get-together”. “Everyone is cordially invited to join us,” says Stephanie Schwarz.

Further information:

Saalasti is an expert in Transforming Biomass into Assets through precise control of particle size and moisture content. Since 1945, Finland's family business has forged long-lasting relationships with its customers and has accumulated more than 70 years of experience in heavy machinery and almost 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and delivery of solutions for bioenergy production.

Saalasti is expert in Turning Biomass into Asset through precise control of particle size and moisture content. Since 1945, the Finnish family business has forged lasting relationships with its customers and has accumulated more than 70 years of experience in heavy machinery and almost 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and delivery of solutions for bioenergy production. Saalasti has participated in more than 300 projects worldwide and has a global network of offices in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Chile and recently in Spain.

Saalasti solutions are used worldwide, mainly in pulp and paper factories, in sawmills, in pellet mills and in large biomass plants. They are also recognized for the robust and innovative design of their machinery for solid biomass processing. The main solutions are different types of stationary processing lines that include technologies for chipping, crushing and mechanical drying of various types of biomass. Saalasti guarantees efficient customer service throughout the life of each delivery.

Committed to Research and Development, Saalasti continuously creates innovative solutions that redefine existing industrial standards, in order to make biomass processing more sustainable and profitable for customers. The most recent innovation is the "Saalasti Press 1803", which has the most efficient drying technology for various types of solid biomass. The new “Saalasti Press 1803” is energy efficient for more than 30 times than traditional thermal drying, it allows to obtain gains from the first day and reduce CO2 emissions.

For more information on Saalasti solutions, you can contact Mr. Jarno Petäkoski, General Director of the new Saalasti office in León, Spain at + 34 722 306 326 or email

Pellet stoves, pellet boilers and all kinds of domestic solutions with biomass will be present at Ecoforest stand in Expobiomasa 2019.

Ecoforest remains the market leader of pellet stoves and boilers, to be able to see the latest news in the Biomass sector, do not miss out on the Ecoforest Stand.

From Ecoforest We fight every day to create more technological and efficient products, in a time when it is necessary to take care of our planet, Ecoforest continues to expand its range of products to the different renewable energies, from the Biomass, passing through aerothermal y geothermal, until solar energy.

We have currently developed and expanded our entire range, reinforcing, securing our entire range of VAP boilers, fully automatic boilers perfect for replacing old gas and oil boilers and ideal for new homes. Our range of VAP boilers Together with the silos with pneumatic feeding Ecoforest they get autonomous installations, not worrying about loading the pellets every day.

They present many novelties for Expobiomasa 2019 they are sure that they will not disappoint you, they are waiting for you all at the 441 stand of the 4 pavilion.

Dinak will present its innovations in fireplaces for biomass. Auxiliary components needed in each installation and that make the difference.

Like every edition, Dinak will be present at ExpoBiomasa, a fair that is becoming increasingly prominent, not only at the national level but also at the international level. That is why in this year we place a bigger bet and strengthen our presence in it.

We believe in biomass., as reflected in our motto, and we bet heavily on it. Therefore, we continue working for innovation and the development of new products that support and enhance the use of it, in collaboration with the research departments of several universities and also with other companies in the sector.

We will talk about this in the technical conferences on “Energy efficiency in combustion facilities with biomass fuel”, “Dinak solutions for the evacuation of products from the combustion of industrial installations of biomass fuel” and “Technological keys for the use of heat with agrobiomass in small power ”(in collaboration with AVEBIOM and CIRCE), that will take place on the fair days we invite you to attend.