The seal allows to identify installers of stoves and biomass boilers that professionally execute their work

The Spanish Association of Energy Valuation of Biomass, Avebiom, you have activated the website that manages the Certified Thermal Biomass Installer Seal (iBTc),, which allows biomass installers backed by quality and professionalism to be contacted with users and potential users who want the greatest guarantees of success in the operation of their facilities.

In this way, Avebiom closes the first phase of the implementation process of the iBTc Installer Seal, after its commissioning last May and after they have been incorporated the first certified installation companies.

Through this new website, certified companies have access to all the documentation they should know, from the objectives of the seal, the certification scheme, the Quality Charter, to the technical requirements and rates.

For their part, users can check the data of the certified companies and assess, if they wish, both their facilities and the companies that have intervened in them, recording their satisfaction.

The website also includes a module for request for quotes electronically to potential companies interested in each project. It is a form in four steps, fast, simple and very useful.

Currently, the companies that are already available on the web are: Calordom (Madrid), Gebio (Sevilla) and Calor Erbi (Castilla y León), “Although soon new companies will be incorporated, which are currently in the process of certification,” according to Juan Jesús Ramos, technical manager of the iBTc seal.

A differentiating element in the market

Javier Díaz, president of Avebiom, has highlighted the importance of the fact that “bet on offering the client quality guarantees and control of the facilities and power tell apart in the market at companies that professionally execute their work".

According to data from the Ministry of Industry, in Spain there are more than 30.000 companies trained to perform thermal installations in buildings (RITE), of which 27% have operated with biomass equipment, according to estimates of the National Biomass Observatory of Avebiom.

AirPro System is Palazzetti's biomass technology for channeling hot air in several rooms.

Airpro system is the biomass technology of Palazzetti to channel hot air in several rooms.

Two or three independently controllable fans, to selectively heat more rooms, up to 28 meters of straight pipe with Ø 8 cm (14 equivalent meters per duct).

Amandus Kahl facilitates the construction of biomass pellet plants thanks to its range of wood granulators. The production capacity is between 1,5 and 12 t / h.

AMANDUS KAHL builds granulator presses with a driving power from 3kW to 630 kW. The different sizes available are eleven in total. The production capacity in most wood plants is between 1,5 and 12 t / h per granulator press.

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Bioenergy Barbero, energy services company and sole distributor based in Salamanca of ENplus® pellet, has recently expanded its biomass collection capacity with the installation of two fully automatic pellet silos.

Bioenergy Barbero, energy services company and unique Dealer based in pellet Salamanca ENplus®, has recently expanded its biomass collection capacity with the installation of two fully automatic pellet silos.

ESE already had two ships of 3.000 m2 to store a permanent stock of 5.000 tons of biomass in bulk or in bags. With the new silos increases your capacidad until 8.000 tons. In this way, says Alfonso Barbero, manager of the company, they advance on two fronts.

On the one hand, the pellet is secured during the winter campaign, avoiding potential problems of shortage in the market. And on the other hand, they have improved the quality and management of the supply to the customer thanks to the automation of the process - from the unloading to the loading of the trucks that will be distributed to the final customer until the humidity and temperature control of the product. In addition, a screening system integrated into the silos guarantees a thin free pellets.

Bioenergy Barbero has more than 90.000 users and 55 MW installed biomass. In the last campaign (winter 2018-19) they have sold around 25.000 tons of ENplus® pellet, 70% in sack format and the rest in bulk. Its facilities consumed about 15.000 tons in the last year.

They also sell other 25.000 tons of different biomass, such as olive bone, splinter
and oak wood.

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Forestry machinery specialized in portable sawmills.

HERSAN, representative of Wood Mizer in Spain, has participated for the third time in a row at Expobiomasa.

Taking advantage of the professional profile that attends the Expobiomasa contest; mountain people, manufacturers of pellet and splinters, carpenters who want to make the most of their wood, etc, HERSAN has participated for the third consecutive edition at the fair with its represented WOOD MIZER, specialist in the manufacture of portable sawmills. WOOD MIZER is a specialist in the manufacture of portable sawmills.

“Our idea is to show and transmit to these people that they have low-cost machines capable of transforming their best logs into boards, beams, decorative elements or pieces for fences and floors, among other products, taking advantage of their added value and without the need for introduce them into the mill to be turned into splinters or pellets, ”explains Enrique Hernández, commercial director of HERSAN

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The district heating of biomass has 12 megawatts of installed power and will save 14.700 tons of CO2.

The technical team of the Heat Network with Biomass of Aranda de Duero has carried out during the last weeks the functional tests and they are already in conditions of supply thermal energy that produce from biomass.

This new District Heating with biomass now has more than 500 connected homes, surpassing the neighboring 1.500, in addition to the Claret school. And the goal is to provide heating and domestic hot water to 4.600 homes and 30 public buildings in the arandina city. A total of 12 megawatts of installed power 45,5 will generate millions of kilowatts of thermal energy at a plant that will consume 13.500 tons of local biomass per year. Connected buildings will stop emitting 14.700 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere with a creation of 40 jobs between direct and indirect.

The connection does not imply any extra cost for the neighbors because the work in the boiler room is the responsibility of the company, while the consumer only pays for the thermal energy of biomass that he consumes. Consumption is measured individually with a kilowatt meter placed on the landing of the portal and it is not necessary for the cabin to have any other equipment or boiler.

Parallel, the network will arrive soon to the central cogeneration of Energy Works Aranda whose main client is Michelin. The biomass project will take advantage of the heat of the cogeneration plant located in the Michelin industrial plant. The resulting heat will be conducted through the Heat Network so that it can be used in the heating and domestic hot water systems of the neighbors of Aranda de Duero. This collaboration agreement is an example of hybridization and efficient use at a high level which can only be done in municipalities that have heat networks, which allow the integration of different sources of thermal energy.


The district heating in Ponferrada will be fed with biomass, specifically splinter and will provide 25.000 MWh / year

The network will provide 25.000 MWh / year of energy The maximum expected consumption of biomass is 7.800 tons per year. The combustion equipment of 4,5 MW, supplied by COMPTE.R, together with auxiliary elements such as the silo for the splinter, the boiler feed system and the electrofilter for the treatment of the exhaust gases are being installed.

The silo has a capacity to contain 320 m³ of splinter (around 65 tons) and has been equipped with a mobile floor extraction system. Boiler feeding is done with pushers.

The expansion with two more units of 4,5 MW is planned; in total it will reach 13,5 MW of power.

Boiler Features

  • Hot water boiler lower than 110ºC COMPTE.R model C450 DTHP of 4,5 MW for wood chip combustion.
  • 320 m³ mobile floor extraction system.
  • Boiler feed by pusher.
  • Gas treatment system by electrofilter.
  • The use of wood chips instead of fossil fuels will prevent the emission of 6.000 tons of CO2 per year.

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Five companies have launched a pilot microtrigeneration plant, modular and transportable, based on biomass and solar concentrating energy.

A consortium formed by five Extremadura companies has set up a pilot plant for microtrigeneration, modular and transportable, from biomass and solar energy concentration. The plant is located in Gévora (Badajoz) in a company that uses the electricity, heat and cold generated.

The plant has two energy producing elements: a thermal oil biomass boiler of 400 kWt, designed and manufactured by Innergy, which participates in Expobiomasa, and currently uses P30-P16 forest splinter; and a Fresnel type solar field with 18 collectors. For the production of electricity, an ORC minimodule with a turbine capable of generating 56 kWe has been installed. In addition, an absorption machine can generate 35 kW of cold.

During the next 5 years the plant will will continue to investigate hybridization of renewable energy systems and models to provide solutions to the industrial sectors of Spain and the rest of Europe.

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During the three days that the event lasted the companies showed the novelties in their products. Forestry and wood treatment machinery with innovative technologies that save time and costs and at the same time are more environmentally friendly.

During the three days that the event lasted the companies showed the novelties in their products. Forestry and wood treatment machinery With innovative technologies that save time and costs and at the same time are more environmentally friendly. Industrial technologies increasingly versatile, able to deal with different materials more effectively. According to the domestic heating, the brands presented their latest and most efficient developments, with less maintenance and various aesthetics capable of satisfying all types of needs and users.

It is worth highlighting the crusher EcoPulser from the company Pallmann, winner of the Expobiomasa Innovation Award at 2019.

Parallel activities

Expobiomasa served as a framework for the realization of different activities that again helped the visitor to complete his experience during the fair.

Attendees at professional visits they were able to observe first hand, in the Tuesday's day 24 in the province of Burgos, biomass installations in operation in industries and a healthcare complex. Meanwhile he Day 25 They visited different district heatings in the city of Valladolid.

Different conferences and seminars analyzed the domestic pellet market in Spain and Europe; the perspectives of Spanish biogas market; The efficient change to biomass as fuel in different types of industry; or Finland's experience as a benchmark of the biomass energy service model developed in the early 90 decade. The exhibitors showed through conferences technical presentations their innovations in products and services more outstanding.

The use of forest biomass in an efficient manner is key to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the generation of local employment.

Forest biomass, as an energy resource, is a solution to the current energy crisis. Its obtaining is positive for our forests and for the bioeconomy demanded by the European Union.

Según COSE (Confederation of Organizations of Foresters of Spain), to strengthen the forest biomass market, are more forestry planning and management needed, and are essential more active policies and a regulatory and legislative framework that favors the management of this renewable energy source.

Spain is a forest power with an abundance of biomass resources but there is minimal energy use. Spain is the third European country for absolute biomass resources and the seventh in per capita terms. However, it is at the bottom of the European ranking for their consumption.

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