5.000 professionals are dedicated to manufacturing, supplying, installing and maintaining industrial and commercial biomass boilers in Spain

industrial biomass

At the end of 2020, 14.329 industrial biomass boilers - those with a power greater than 50 kW - were operating in Spain, providing thermal energy to neighboring communities, public buildings, industries, commercial complexes and heat networks. In total, 925 new installations compared to 2019.

The total installed power of industrial biomass equipment stood at 7.502 MW, which is 402 MW more than the previous year. This power guaranteed the production of an amount of energy equivalent to the consumption of 1.536 million liters of diesel. The use of biofuels such as pellets, wood chips, shells or olive pit from the local economy avoided the import of fossil fuels and emissions that affect climate change equivalent to withdraw 2,6 million cars from circulation

Turnover in the industrial thermal generation with biomass sector in 2020 increased by 6,1% compared to the previous year and reached 599 million euros. The biomass value chain linked to this sector created 262 new jobs, reaching 4.989 direct workers. 




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