50.000 biomass stoves and boilers were sold during the year of the pandemic in the Spanish residential sector


400.000 independent homes are heated with biomass stoves or boilers according to data from the AVEBIOM Biomass Observatory in 2020.

The year of the pandemic, the year of staying home first and taking refuge in second homes later, has broken records for the manufacture and installation of biomass stoves and boilers in recent months. Only the stoppage of commercial and installation activity during the second quarter of the year has prevented sales from previous years from being exceeded in 2020. 

The most remarkable thing is that, despite the situation, the sector has demonstrated its ability to provide a sustained and smooth service to hundreds of thousands of families, companies, public services of all kinds and, especially, to more than 900 facilities that, according to data from the AVEBIOM Biomass Observatory, provide heating and DHW to health centers, hospitals, and geriatric residences throughout Spain. 


Impressive rate of installation of stoves and boilers in the residential sector

Installers, distributors and manufacturers of biomass equipment worked tirelessly during the second half of the year. This intensity has more than compensated for the total suspension of activity that occurred during the spring, so that the economic movement of the sector has only decreased by 3,4% compared to 2019 and has generated a business volume of 344 millones de eurosThis figure also includes the supply of pellets and the maintenance of equipment.

In 2020, 49.589 biomass stoves and boilers of up to 50 kW of power were installed. With this contribution, the national park of heating equipment powered by solid biofuels stands at 403.618 units. Of these, 98% are located in independent dwellings.

The trend is very positive, although in absolute numbers we are still far from neighboring countries, such as France, which has 1,2 million biomass stoves and boilers in operation, or Italy with 2,2 million. The French and Italian public administrations have been promoting for years the change of the energy model towards renewable energies in home heating systems.

All biomass heating equipment in the residential sector consumed last year in our country around 505.000 tons of pellets and other biofuels of natural and renewable origin such as olive pit, from the olive oil industry, wood chips wood or nut shells.

A relevant fact is that the pellets consumed during 2020 to heat homes avoided the equivalent consumption of 254 million liters of heating oil, 29 million liters more replaced compared to the previous year, and with it Emissions equivalent to taking 450.000 cars off the road were also avoided.




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