BioCurve biomass condensing boilers with efficiency of 105,7% manufactured in the Basque Country


The Basque firm is specialized in the innovation of biomass condensing boilers for installations for the residential and industrial sectors, in public installations or for the services sector, such as the Hotel Amalurra, which obtains a saving of 40% compared to expenditure. previous for 4 years.

The BioCurve range of BCH condensing boilers, ranging from 25 to 200kw of power, represents the greatest technological advance in biomass to date, as witnessed by the numerous awards and recognitions obtained internationally. The biomass boilers of the firm based in Arrankundiaga obtain a performance that can exceed 105% and are optimal equipment characterized by being:


Because they offer unique features, such as the pioneering double set point, the only rotary outcropping burner, automatic modulation, automatic exchanger and burner cleaning, standard ash compactor, an intuitive touch screen and the ability to control the boiler, through a phone, from anywhere, at any time. And because, really, it is the most powerful range of biomass condensing boilers in the world, without the need for expensive external heat recovery units, from 25 to 200 kW in a single unit, and more than 1 MW in cascade.


Because, being condensing boilers, their performance is higher than classic boilers, achieving fuel savings and a quick return on investment. And because, indeed, prestigious independent laboratories have certified the only complete range with A ++ energy labeling from 25 to 200 kW, the maximum classification according to the EN 303-5 standard (class 5) and the highest performance achieved to date by a boiler biomass of more than 25 kW, 105,7% of the lower calorific value (PCI) of the fuel at nominal power without heat recovery units.


Because the only patented spiral biomass heat exchanger admits a large exchange surface in an extremely small space, reaching 100 meters of tube in just 1 meter high. And because, really, the body of the 200 kW BCH200 boiler only occupies 1,2 m2, allowing our condensing equipment to be installed in places inconceivable for any conventional biomass boiler.


Because, being biomass boilers, they do not increase the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere (neutral CO2), biomass is used and, thanks to the responsible management of our forest heritage, more wooded mass is generated than consumed. And because, in reality, the emissions from BioCurve boilers are practically negligible, well below the most demanding limits, as shown by having been included in the lists of the Netherlands (RVO), Germany (BAFA) or France (Fonds Chaleur) .


BioCurve BCH boilers have:

  • Automatic power modulation 
  • Rotary outcropping burner with automatic cleaning   
  • Automatic water injection exchanger cleaning           
  • Performance greater than 100% in condensing conditions *           
  • Spiral heat exchanger in stainless steel     
  • Color touch screen         
  • Condensate collection siphon
  • WiFi communicator remote control by App      
  • Lambda probe        
  • Compactor and ash evacuator to portable suitcase        
  • Double temperature set point        
  • Anti-flashback system     
  • Low consumption automatic ignition         
  • Precise dosing side hopper     
  • Suction feeding system          
  • Double upper / lower burner cleaning
  • ModBus gateway integration in external automation   
  • Automatic hot air start for extreme conditions