Professional visits Valladolid, capital of Bioenergy in 2019. 

Professional visits

Valladolid, capital of Bioenergy in 2019.


UVa heat network

UVa heat grid with biomass, an infrastructure open to new extensions

It is the most important biomass heating network in Spain. With 12 km in length, it uses biomass to provide heating and sanitary hot water service to 27 buildings, of which 23 belong to the University of Valladolid and four to the Junta de Castilla y León. With 4 boilers that add up to 19,1 MW of power, they provide about 30.000.000 kWh useful / year


Heat network Grupo Fasa

Biomass and gas heating network for 398 homes of Grupo Fasa

With a total installed power of 1MW in biomass and a network of pre-insulated pipelines of 825 meters it serves 20 buildings and a total of 398 homes. The commitment of the project has been to reduce the energy cost by 40%, and include the energy management of the installation, the financing and realization of the same, the maintenance of all the equipment and systems, the total guarantee of all the installed equipment and the technical assistance service to neighbors, 24 hours of the day, every day of the year.


Heat network in Huerta del Rey

Red Heat of Huerta del Rey.

New network that will connect 4 administrative buildings, a sports center and the School of Architecture in a first phase, and although it is already programming new connections in this first phase and replaces 16 fossil fuel boilers.

The boiler room has 2 boilers of 3,5 MW, 2 tanks of 40.000l and a silo of 800 m3.