VI Rosewood Workshop

The objective of the H2020 ROSEWOOD project ( is to generate a lasting impact on the European timber mobilization sector, firstly, facilitating the dissemination and stimulating the use of innovation through knowledge transfer between the regions of the EU and, secondly, by initiating authentic community innovation projects. Projects can be inspired by existing good practices and innovations identified in ROSEWOOD, but in general they must present a new approach or product.

There are four regional Hubs: in the North, in the Center, in the East and ours in the South. The members of our South Hub are: Cesefor (Hub Manager), Castilla y León Region, Tuscany Region, CRPF Aquitaine.

After the inaugural Hub meeting organized in Valladolid on May 10 of 2018 (Bioeconomy Forum); the informal meeting organized at the University of Madrid (UPM) on September 27 of 2018, during FORMEC; the Panel of Experts organized in Pierroton (Bordeaux) at the INRA forest site on 9 and 10 on October 2018, and the Road Map validation meeting held in Valladolid on February 14, the Rosewood Hub of the Sur launched the new framework for business idea generation workshops in order to foster innovation among stakeholders. The first meeting was organized during the "Week of the
Innovation in Rural Development "by ERIAFF, in Florence, in March of 2019. The second was organized by the CRPF Aquitaine de Bordeaux, the June 21, and hosted by our partner Xylofutur.

Now is the time to organize a new type of workshop dedicated to SMEs in the value chain of wood mobilization.


10:00 Welcome & logistics Government of Castilla y León & Cesefor
10:15 The Rosewood H2020 project, and its main results. Riccardo Castellini, Ángela García and Nacho Campanero. Ceasefor
10:30 The wood sector in Castilla y León: do you need a boost? Alvaro Picardo JCyL
10:45 Financing opportunities in the value chain. Rachel Pointer. Ceasefor
11:00 Good practices, business ideas & news in the wood sector between Spain, France and Italy.
  • Hugues Maubourguet and Henri Husson - BHM Franci / CRPF Aquitaine.
  • Francesca Giannetti - Blubiloba (Forest Sharing)
  • Rafa Alonso - FORA
  • Eduardo Tolosana - Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Ruben García - SOMACYL
Presentation of the participants (5 minutes per person)
12:00 Coffee break  

Work groups:
1 Group: Activate the business: how to mobilize the firewood market in CyL. Introductions: Roberto Rubio, Cesefor.
2 Group: Wood for construction: present and future challenges. Introductions: Edgar Lafuente, Cesefor.

13:30 B2B: a space for bilateral meetings of 10 minutes each will be enabled (according to the specific needs of the participants)  
14:30 Conclusions of the Working Groups and end of the meeting.  


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