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The industry in Spain chooses biomass as fuel fundamentally in search of economic savings. Annually they are installed in Spain around 1000 industrial boilers and equipment.

At the end of 2017 AVEBIOM estimated the existence of 830 biomass boilers of more than one 1MW power for thermal uses.

Boilers of hot water, thermal oil and steam, as well as hot and cold air generators, dryers, ovens, air conditioners or industrial cold generators can use biomass as fuel.

Energetically, different types of biomass are being valorised in ceramic industries, cement, paper, wood drying, tobacco, coffee, nuts, all kinds of farms and other agricultural products, greenhouses and in the canning sector, among others.

These biofuels usually have little transformation and in many cases come from by-products of the industry itself: sawdust, grounds, shells and organic waste in general ...

This conference was organized by Bioenergy International, the world's leading magazine specialized in bioenergy, with the collaboration of the Cluster de Biomassa de Catalunya and EXPOBIOMASA.


The industrial market as a way to boost the biomass sector. Marc Cortina, Cluster of the Bioenergy of Catalonia. PDF (1,3 MB)
The agri-food sector and biomass for industrial thermal use. The cases of HENKEL and MAZANA FEEDS. Isidre Alferez, IMARTEC ENERGÍA. PDF (0,9 MB)
Use of by-products of the agri-food industry for industrial biomass installations, The cases of NESTLE and DSL. Daniel Solé. VYNCKE PDF (1,8 MB)
Technological solution in the agricultural industry. The straw pellet. Francisco Ripoll. SUGIMAT. PDF (0,5 MB)
Uniconfort ... Experts in agri-food waste and difficult biomass. Danilo Cosma. UNICONFORT PDF (0,9 MB)
Development and use of biomass hot air generators in agricultural and industrial facilities. Domingo Villoria. VILLORIA OTERO. PDF (0,4 MB)
Electric Cogeneration from the Gasification of wood chips or pellets. Iñaki Íñiguez. IDEALER PDF (0,9 MB)
Biomass boilers in intensive industrial use. Implications in the guarantee and design. Angel Martinez HARGASSNER IBERICA. PDF (0,6 MB)
Standardization of the use of Domestic Biomass: the supply challenges. Carlos Martin. BIOENERGY BARBERO GROUP. PDF (1,2 MB)
Biomass in the agri-food industry. The case of a pepper dehydrator. Perfect Forte NATURAL FIRE. PDF (0,5 MB)
Self-managed boilers, the evolution of combustion. Antonio Soriano. INNERGY PDF (1 MB)
Filtration in biomass. The key to cleaner green energy Ion Baptist. AAF International PDF (0,5 MB)

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