ECODESIGN: Implementation, control and future

The Ecodesign regulations are a binding instrument that establishes the efficiency and emission requirements that solid biofuel stoves and boilers must meet in order to be marketed. The Regulation for boilers is in force from January 1, 2020, and the one for stoves will come into force on January 1, 2022.

What has happened since the regulation for boilers came into force? How is the stove sector preparing for the entry into force of its regulation?

From AVEBIOM we organize this conference in order to discuss all of this, hand in hand with key agents and institutions in charge of said implementations. Likewise, it will be discussed the roadmap of the process that the European Commission has to launch for the revision of the regulation for boilers, and in which the inclusion of several agrobiomass is foreseen.

Video of the sept. 21 conference at Expobiomasa

See video of the day in the following link. PDF


Welcome and presentation. Paul Rodero. [AVEBIOM - AGROBIOHEAT]  
Situation, implementation and control with Ecodesign in biomass stoves and boilers up to 50kW Timoteo de la Fuente [Technical Advisor, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism] PDF (0,3 MB)
Implementation by manufacturers. Carlos Olivan [AEFEEC] PDF (1 MB)
How the implementation is being in biomass boilers since the entry into force on January 1, 2020. Federico Muñoz [CEIS Commercial Technical Director] PDF (1 MB)
Ecodesign and non-woody biomass fuels - future review and AgroBioHeat suggestions. Manolis Karampinis [CERTH associate researcher - AGROBIOHEAT project coordinator - Board Member BIOENERGY EUROPE] PDF (0,6 MB)


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