Inspiring practices to innovate with biomass
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9 May 2023.

Through the event attendees get closer to innovative initiatives and formulas in the use of biomass. The Conference organized by AVEBIOM through the BIORURAL and BRANCHES projects is collaborated by more than 10 National and European innovation projects.

Videos of the conferences

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Speakers and participants will be received with a coffee. We will introduce ourselves.
Welcome, networking coffee and presentation AVEBIOM BIORURAL Project (Horizon Europe) PDF (2,2 MB)

project sheets

Spanish PDF (3,4 MB)

English  PDF (3,4 MB)


Step 1 —
Workshop: Innovative business practices that enable new businesses in bioenergy and bioeconomy.

Three innovative practices already in operation will be presented by the developer entities, including an exchange of questions to facilitate their adoption by new users.
The BRANCHES project and the INtercamBIOM Network for the exchange of innovative practices with biomass CIRCE and AVEBIOM. BRANCHES project (Horizon 2020) PDF (3,4 MB)
3 business practices to inspire new businesses in bioenergy and bioeconomy
"Monte Holiday Ecotourism + Forest": bioenergy to preserve the forests of the Sierra de Madrid and protect its visitors Mount Holiday Ecotourism PDF (8,6 MB)
Pelletizing plant. Use of agricultural surplus straw. ostargi PDF (1,5 MB)
FRAVIZEL Easy Stump Cutter Fravizel PDF (2 MB)
Step 2 —
Short project presentations – creating synergies

Through the sessions, attendees will be allowed to learn how to participate in these projects or in future initiatives.
short presentations  
Promotion of small-scale solutions to boost the bioeconomy in rural areas INNOVARUM. MainstreamBIO Project (Horizon Europe) PDF (1,3 MB)
Support and connection of key agents in the start-up of new biobased businesses and circular value chains CTA – Technological Corp. from Andalusia. SCALE-UP project PDF (1,8 MB)
Training and governance for the development of policies and ecosystems for the takeoff of the bioeconomy  CTA – Technological Corp. from Andalusia. ROBIN and BIOTRANSFORM projects PDF (1,8 MB)
Sensitization, education and training for value enhancement of agricultural and forestry biomass not valued Galician Business-University Foundation – FEUGA. CAP BIOMASS Project (INTERREG POCTEP) PDF (1,2 MB)
Interconnecting agents from the rural environment and e-market to promote new businesses in bioenergy. Bioenergy Cluster of Catalonia – CBC. AURORAL project (Horizon 2020) PDF (1,3 MB)
Removing barriers and putting energy communities in charge of local renewable (bio)energy generation GOIENER SCop and CIRCE. BRANCHES project (Horizon 2020) PDF (1,8 MB)
Towards an energy recovery of residual woody biomass from the agri-food industry in Cuba University of Zaragoza and Cubaenergía. MOR-e Project (AECID Aid Program) PDF (0,5 MB)
Forest biomass in the industrial sector of Jalisco, Mexico Jalisco Forest Cluster Private initiative PDF (0,2 MB)
Small-scale biomass cogeneration system applicable to the residential and tertiary sector SCIVEN. BIOCOGEN Project (FEDER – Portugal 2020) PDF (0,8 MB)
Solar drying of sewage sludge for energy recovery through gasification gas. CEDER-CIEMAT. Life DRY4GAS Project (LIFE Program) PDF (0,8 MB)
Integrated production of hydrogen and methane with biomass in the new industrial energy transition scenario CARTIF Technological Center. ALL-TO-GAS Project (AEIs Funds) PDF (1,2 MB)
Technological development of advanced biofuels from biooil, biocrude and products generated by synthesis gas fermentation National Center for Renewable Energies – CENER. LDBA Project (FEDER Funds) PDF (0,6 MB)
Strategies for the decarbonization of the intensive industry through the use of biomass BIOENERGY EUROPE. Re4Industry Project (Horizon 2020) PDF (1,9 MB)
Use of agricultural residues for the development of biobased materials Technological Institute of Aragon. Bioplastics Project (Private financing). PDF (0,7 MB)
Value-added products through biorefinery based on sustainable forest management of Mediterranean forest CTFC – Forest Technology Center of Catalonia. BiorefforMED Project (LIFE Program) 2020). PDF (0,6 MB)
Innovative bioproduct value chains from forest and shrub biomass on marginal lands CEDER-CIEMAT. BeonNAT Project (BBI-JU Program) and Biocistus4.0 (National R+D+i Plan) PDF (0,8 MB)
Environmental management and cultivation of aromatic species for the production of essential oils, extracts and value-added products CESEFOR . BIOVALOR Projects (PRTR Next Generation) and ESJara Operating Group (EAFRD)  PDF (2,5 MB)
Initiatives for improved fire management in prevention, extinction, regeneration and removal of fuel from forest masses Provincial Council of Ávila and University of Salamanca. TREEADS project (Horizon 2020) and FIREPOCTEP (INTERREG) PDF (1,1 MB)
Agenda for the transformation of the most resilient and low carbon forestry value chain in Portugal CBE - Biomass Center for Energy Next Generation Portugal funds project PDF (0,7 MB)
Step 3 —
Project networking and lunch (14:30 p.m. to 16:00 p.m.)

The attendees representing initiatives and projects, speakers as well as among the participants in the room, will take a joint photo and move to the fair dining room to have a networking meal*
*Attendance requires prior registration, and participation in the previous morning session
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