Valladolid 2019: Professional Construction Day
ENplus talk
Thursday September 26. 09: 00-14: 00. 4 room.

Free registration with prior registration. Registration in this link

Conferences for professionals in architecture and construction in general with practical presentations, product samples, promotional material and the opportunity to establish personal contact with the attendees during the presentation, the coffee break and the aperitif.


09:00 Reception of assistants.

09:05 Presentation. Rubén Palencia, Commercial manager Infoedita.

09:10 Presentation. Jorge Herrero, EXPOBIOMASA Director.

09:20 Standard UNE 138002: 2017 and its repercussion in the joints of expansion and singular points of the coatings and ceramic pavements. José Antonio Colubi, Director of Prescription and Technical Assistance of EMAC.

10:00 Rehabilitation of the envelope, Design, Efficiency and Savings. Fernando Corona. Technical Specialist Trespa.

10:40 Energetic rehabilitation of inclined roofs: CTE integral solutions: waterproofing, insulation and ventilation. Joaquín Esteban, Engineer of the Onduline technical department.

11:20 COFFEE BREAK courtesy of Feria Expobiomasa.

11:40 4.0 ceramic solutions for a sustainable and innovative architecture. José Luis Valenciano, Architect and Technical Advisor of Hispalyt

12:20 Consolidation and stabilization of support terrains of foundations, screeds and pavements. Recalces by injection of Expansive Resins. José Manuel Benítez Murillo, Commercial Director URETEK Innovative Solutions.

13:00 Ventilated roof execution system: Verea System. Manuel Verea Garea, Commercial Director of Texas Verea

13:40 Anchovy tasting "Consorcio Gran Reserva" - Drawing of 2 lots of products among attendees.

13:45 The drawing of a Tablet will take place among the attendees.

Farewell and appetizer - Questions can be consulted with the speakers