REPLACE. Workshop for professionals and consumers interested in biomass - Guided Visit to the Fair - Networking. 
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Room #AVEBIOM · 23 sept. 10: 00-12: 00h.

General Information

The Junta de Castilla y León, through the Regional Energy Agency, is carrying out a campaign to promote the replacement of heating systems with fossil fuels by others powered by biomass.

The priority systems are those aimed at the residential sector.

The objective is part of the effort of the Junta de Castilla y León to promote energy alternatives that are more respectful with the environment, beneficial for consumers and reinforcing the rural environment.

EREN, with the support of Escan Consultores Energéticos and other organizations in the sector, offers this workshop focused on professionals in the biomass sector.

The objective of the workshop is to present practical solutions to improve and reduce energy consumption and the sustainability of heating systems in the Autonomous Community, establish new contacts among attendees and promote a debate on the evolution of the market for these technologies.

This workshop is part of the actions of the REPLACE project.

Participant profile

  • Installers and maintainers
  • Equipment or biomass suppliers.
  • Engineering and architecture studies.
  • Construction companies or real estate developers.
  • Technicians and administrators of local governments.
  • Energy service companies and property managers.
  • Financial entities.
  • Collaborative economy entities in management (communities or cooperatives) or financing (crowdfunding).
  • Other agents in the sector.

Registration and Information

The workshop has no cost. More information on the webpage and through the mail


10:00 Welcome and presentation. EREN - Ricardo González (Head of the Department of External Relations, Studies and Training)
10:10 REPLACE project activities EREN - Maria del Puy Dominguez (Technician of the Department of External Relations, Studies and Training) ESCAN - Ignacio Macías (Technician)
10:25 News and perspectives of biomass in Castilla y León. EREN - Santiago Diez (Head of the Bioenergy Area - Renewable Energy Department)
10:40 How to install biomass in a single-family home to suit the consumer. okofen. Daniel Portela (Commercial Director)
10:55 How to install biomass in a building to suit the owners' meeting. Bioenergy Barbero. Carlos Martín Hernández (Head of Administration)
11:10 Thermal networks, an opportunity for the residential sector. Biomass Resources (REBI) - Constantino Álvarez (Commercial Director)
11:25 The consumer experience. The single-family home. Sariegos (León) Mariano Torre (Owner)
11:35 The consumer experience. The residential building. General Community of Owners "TORRELAGO 1ª FASE", Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) - Guillermo Cifuentes (President)
11:45 Conclusions EREN - Rafael Ayuste (Head of the Renewable Energy Department)
11:55 Closing ESCAN - Margarita Puente (Project Manager)


talk ENplus


talk ENplus