Professional visits Bioenergy in Industries and Services in Burgos.

Professional visits

Bioenergy in Industries and Services in Burgos.


Biocen model

Expansion of the trigeneration thermal power plant of BIOCEN for L'OREAL and the network of the industrial estate of Villalonquejar (Burgos)

After 2 consuming a daily 30t of biomass to supply energy to the cosmetic products factory, the bioenergy generation plant has expanded its supply capacity with a new 8 MW Compte.r boiler and a 4,6 km heat network.


Boiler 1800kW

Silo toploader, boiler room and biomass heat network the Fuentes Blancas Healthcare Complex (Burgos)

The network gives service to welfare buildings, residences, schools, ... 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. In addition to the new biomass 1.800 kW boiler, the old gas installations and a solar installation are still connected. The new boiler room and the biomass silo with a TOPLOADER system are fully managed automatically, without the need for the continuous presence of any person.


Biocen model

42MW Biomass boiler and WESP chimney in Kronospan-Castañares. Burgos.

Leading industry in Southern Europe that has an impressive biomass boiler 42 MW thermal power, 500t iron, 250t refractory material, capable of heating 100.000 liters of oil for industrial processes and provide heat to the dryer. It also has a large WESP (Electrostatic Wet Precipitate) chimney that channels and treats all the emissions and puts it up to date with the latest environmental regulations of the European Union.