Self-consumption of straw pellets to heat large spaces in Palencia

straw pellet

Since January 2021, the machinery importer and distributor AGRICULTURAL FARMING obtains energy to heat its offices, workshops and showroom at its Palencia headquarters thanks to a 180 kW ÖKOTHERM boiler that uses straw pellets from its own production as the only fuel.

The company is the distributor in Spain of the straw pellet harvester-processor in the field Awards 5000 by Krone, which makes it possible to obtain the necessary biofuel in a profitable way. This technology can help to solve the problem derived from the accumulation of bales in the field, which could not be put to profitable use until now.

Straw is a fuel with high energy value, although it is difficult to use in most boilers. This is why this boiler has been chosen because it is capable of not creating a lot of slag, even if it contains high amounts of chlorine, ash and silicas.

ÖKOTHERM boilers have a water-cooled combustion chamber and do not incorporate a grill, which guarantees good combustion without loss of performance throughout the life of the boiler, which is usually an average of 15 to 20 years. The firm has been in the market for 25 years and they have been developed especially for straw, miscanthus and other biogenic fuels. Until today they have installed around the world more than 1.500 units with powers between 49 and 3.500 kW.

Source: BiomassNEWS