AVEBIOM will deliver the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía 2021' award to the international organizations FSC and PEFC at Expobiomasa

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The jury recognizes the work of both entities as "guardians of sustainable forest management", essential to achieve an energy recovery of biomass with the greatest guarantees of sustainability.

The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, has decided to award the award 'Foster 2021 Bioenergy' to international organizations FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) in recognition of its irreplaceable work in the certification of sustainable forest management, the basis of the use of biomass for energy uses with more guarantees of sustainability.


FSC and PEFC: more than 550 million certified forest hectares

FSC is a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. Its founding partners include some of the most prominent environmental NGOs such as WWF and ISEAL ALLIANCE, companies, social organizations, as well as forest owners and managers, companies in the forest value chain, as well as individual supporters and members.

FSC currently has more than 228 million hectares certified worldwide and nearly 50.000 chain of custody certificates. In Spain, there are 407.000 certified hectares and 1.325 chain of custody certificates.

PEFC is a global non-profit organization formed by countries that create a global alliance to promote sustainable forest management with a local perspective through the certification of forests, their products and the transformation process. Its objective is to ensure the conservation of forest masses and their biodiversity while contributing to rural development while preserving environmental and social functions and, all of this, under internationally recognized and agreed sustainability criteria.

More than 330 million hectares of forest are PEFC certified, thus supplying forest products used in a responsible way to about 23.000 companies certified in PEFC Chain of Custody. In Spain, there are more than 2,5 million hectares of certified surface under the PEFC system and more than 1.600 certified companies.


Eleven awards for eleven promoters of bioenergy

AVEBIOM recognizes the contribution of relevant entities or people to the sustainable development of biomass for energy use since 2010.

In previous editions have received the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía' award el City Council of Tarrasa (2010) Representative (2011), the Energy Agency of Andalusia (2012), the Junta de Castilla and Leon (2013), the Office of Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (2014), the Xunta de Galicia (2015), the public company Nasuvinsa-Navarra of Land and Housing (2016), the University of Valladolid (2017), the Give-Ciemat (2018), the Basque Energy Agency (2019) y Christian rakos, President of the WBA (2020). 


The “Fomenta la Bioenergía” awards ceremony will take place in the #AVEBIOM Conference Room at Feria de Valladolid, on September 21 from 12 in the morning, during the inauguration of Expobiomasa and the Renewable Gas Show.