BIANNA RECYCLING presents at EXPOBIOMASA the latest model of the KOMPTECH brand AXTOR 4510 shredder specifically for municipal pruning, wood logs and other green debris


Since 1993 Bianna Recycling has been working in the Spanish and Portuguese markets so that the komptech are a benchmark in terms of crushing, separation and classification of mechanical processes for the recovery of waste.

The knowledge of the market needs by the Spanish firm is what has made it easier to bring to Expobiomasa this new model, the AXTOR 4510, which stands out for its aWide feeding area and tilting hopper. It stands out as the ideal equipment for subcontractors as it is one of the most versatile shredders on the market since tIt has the possibility of working in shredder and chipper mode.

The Komptech AXTOR is synonymous with functionality, performance and profitability, offering productions ranging from 240 to 310 m3 / h depending on the material, the way of feeding, the mesh size and the configuration of the equipment.

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