The development of the Biomass area in FITECMA 2021 advances in Argentina


Undoubtedly the 15th edition of FITECMA, to be held from 14 to the 17 of July of 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center, in the City of Buenos Aires, will present a completely renewed profile. The inclusion of new thematic areas and the development of special activities will make it possible to work on the concept of including the entire forest industry chain. Allocate a specific area to Bioenergy (biomass, technology and materials for the generation of thermal energy) goes in that direction.

The next edition of FITECMA '' modified its structure to facilitate the visit by visitors, dividing the fair into thematic areas: Machines; Tools; Industry 4.0; Supplies; Construction with Wood; and Bioenergy, explains Nicolás De Gennaro, Executive Director of the fair.

Along these lines, highly qualified partners were selected in each of the activities to be carried out.

In bioenergy PROBIOMASA has already confirmed its participation - Project for the promotion of energy (FAO - Secretariat of Energy for Productive Development - Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), with whose authorities specific communication actions are being planned that allow the promotion of biomass for the generation of clean energy. In addition, contact is being made with national companies and representatives of the main international technology providers and local producers of wood pellets.

At the same time, they take negotiations with AVEBIOM - Spanish Association of Biomass (organizers of Expobiomasa, Valladolid), with whom progress is being made in facilitate Spanish companies that are present at FITECMA.