45 days of clean energy in 2019: bioenergy reaches a record in Europe

Bioenergy day day chart

It is estimated that as of November 17, bioenergy can cover all the energy needs of the 28 EU Member States until the end of 2019. A two day increase additional compared to 2018 and 4 more than 2017.

While the previous trend confirms how bioenergy plays a central role in the decarbonization of Europe, recent grim numbers have once again highlighted how Europe remains excessively dependent on fossil fuels and subsidies continue to go in the wrong direction.

Contributing almost to 60% in gross final energy consumption, the Bioenergy is the first source of renewable energy. The sector has more than 700.000 jobs direct and indirect in Europe and a turnover of 60,6 one billion euros.

In the case of Spain is 28 the days that biomass covers all the energy demand in 2019. Figure that remains with respect to previous years.