IDAE approves the first calls to finance renewable technology projects

Biomass project scheme
181 million euros ready to finance innovative renewable projects

The IDAE has approved the first calls for the package of 316 million to finance innovative projects of renewable technologies in Andalusia, Principality of Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Madrid and Murcia.

The distribution of the first 181 million euros of the package has been agreed with the autonomous communities and will serve to mobilize an additional private investment of about 551 million in electricity and thermal generation projects, generate local employment and avoid the emission of more than 712.000 equivalent tons of CO2 per year.

Distribution of funds by autonomous communities

  • Andalusia: € 124,30 M
  • Principality of Asturias: € 10,00 M
  • Castilla-La Mancha: € 8,13 M
  • Catalonia: € 7,00 M
  • Extremadura: € 16,70 M
  • Community of Madrid: € 11,10 M
  • Murcia: € 3,75 M

Regarding technologies, the distribution grants biomass € 35,70 million, renewable gases € 22,00 million and heat networks € 0,75 million.

Selection criteria

The calls for grants will define the specific eligible technology typologies, adapted to the needs of each region and agreed with their authorities.

The evaluation of the projects will take into account criteria linked to the just transition, the demographic challenge, innovation, commitment to efficiency, fight against energy poverty, promotion of strategic industrial sectors in the region or support for citizen participation in the energy system.

The grants will be resolved by competitive competition between the applications submitted, so the amounts finally allocated to each of the technologies will depend on the result of said competition, reallocating the potential surplus budgets between the different technologies.

Individuals or legal entities, public or private, may present themselves to the calls; communities of property, communities of owners, groups of communities of owners and other groups.

The program will be co-financed by European Union funds, such as the ERDF Fund, and may be reinforced with other European instruments aimed at promoting economic recovery.

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