The biomass sector guarantees energy supply during the state of alarm

Biomass pellets
The biomass sector guarantees the supply of renewable energy to companies and citizens during the state of alarm by COVID-19

From the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) and the Spanish Association of Wood Pellet Production Companies (APROPELLETS) We want to convey to society that bioenergy professionals will continue to work to guarantee the supply of clean and renewable energy to all users.

  • The leading manufacturers of pellets and other biofuels -as chip and bone- they will continue to supply from their facilities to guarantee the supply of the market throughout the territory during the remainder of winter.
  • Pellet dispensers will continue to supply the points of sale that remain open to the public: gas stations and food hypermarkets, and also continue making direct deliveries at points of consumption. Users are advised to assess their needs well to optimize logistics and transportation.

Thus, the heating systems and the industries that use biomass will be able to continue operating without problem during confinement due to the coronavirus alarm.

  • As for technical services of boilers and stovesThey continue to attend faults, either online or, if necessary, in person.
  • Meanwhile, the power plants with biomass they are well supplied with biofuel and will continue to generate energy without problem. Forest biomass utilization companies continue their work in the forest.

In addition, many companies in the biomass chain already report from their websites or by email that they are taking all measures necessary to protect to its workers and its clients during the provision of services.


Energy is a basic service in our society and this is reflected in the Royal Decree 463/2020 of March 14 in its article 17, where an explicit reference is made to the need to guarantee the supply of electricity and fuels during the alarm state.

The distribution of goods is considered necessary, as stated in article 14 of the RD and the recently published TMA / 229/2020, of March 15, which guarantees carriers access to services necessary to facilitate transportation.