BIOENERGY BARBERO presents MOLLIER low temperature cast iron biomass boilers at EXPOBIOMASA

expobiomasa barber mollier

All the biomass boilers MOLLIER® with powers between 100 and 500 kW have been designed for the residential and tertiary sector, and developed under the new European ECODESIGN regulations.

To date, BIOENERGY BARBERO, whose priority is to have high-quality equipment, reliability and maximum energy efficiency with the lowest possible level of emissions, has deployed 50 units in buildings in the city of Salamanca, contributing to the fight against climate change in this Heritage city of Humanity at a key moment for the decarbonization and substitution of fossil fuels.

Among the most competitive values ​​of the Mollier brand, in addition to the technical ones, stands out its high adaptability to the pre-existing conditions in boiler rooms. In the following video you can see its easy installation and assembly in one of these rooms with narrow access

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