Savings and energy efficiency

In Spain bioenergy mobilizes 3.700 million euros between electricity, thermal generation and biofuels for transport. And it is, without a doubt, the renewable energy source that best meets the postulates of the bioeconomy, involving thousands of professionals from different sectors.

Service, financial, communication companies, investment groups, public companies, administrations, professional and business associations promote and participate in many projects in order to implement solutions for both consumers and professionals.

A key sector for job posting, which take advantage of own resources and proximity reducing energy dependence and the import of oil and gas. The pellet industries cannot be relocated and they are all in small municipalities that fill them with life.


The Forestalia biomass power generation plant, located in Cubillos del Sil, has made a positive assessment of its start-up. In its first year of operation, it has generated 225.000 MWh, the electricity consumed by 56.250 homes.
"The webinar was an interesting contact for our companies and also for Canadian organizations on an issue with great potential for development in both countries, such as biomass power generation, an important resource in both Canada and Spain", according to Javier Díaz, president of AVEBIOM.
In the latest report from the Biomass Observatory for 2020, it has compiled 433 biomass heat networks, which represent about 383 MW of installed thermal power. The progression of the implementation of biomass heat networks in our country is clearly positive; Since 2010, when the first 30 were inventoried, the number of facilities has multiplied by almost 15 to 433 located at the end of 2020, and to which we must add fifty in different stages of development.
AVEBIOM organizes on February 23 the free webinar “Emissions from biomass. Are they accounting well? " to show that the methodology used to estimate emissions must clearly distinguish obsolete and inefficient equipment from technified biomass systems, which fully comply with the Ecodesign regulations.
The Spanish Association of Biomass has presented two projects to the Government of Spain to promote the implementation of biomass as a source of renewable energy in municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants.
For the fourth year we celebrate our Bioenergy Day, as 21 other EU states have already done, highlighting the enormous biomass potential of Spain and its strategic contribution to the success of the energy transition underway.
AVEBIOM wanted to thank in a special way Dr. Christian Rakos, current president of the World Bioenergy Association, for his commitment to the dissemination and development of the solid biomass sector for energy uses in Spain during the last 16 years, giving him the award Promote Bioenergy 2020.
Spain managed to reduce its CO6,2 emissions by 2% in 2019. That is what the Advance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge at the beginning of summer, indicated. The final data will be produced throughout this fall, this figure supports the viability of using non-fossil energy sources.
In the basement there is a biomass boiler, for burning native wood chips, as a central source of energy for the heating system and for the production of sanitary hot water. The chips are discharged from the street through two mouths specifically designed to facilitate supply. This warehouse is connected to the boiler through an auger that allows the supply of this natural fuel to be automated.
SOLZAIMA begins production this month in its new factory. This investment is the result of the growth that the firm has had over the more than 39 years dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and biomass heating systems
The start-up of 380 MW in 2025 represents an increase in demand for biomass of forestry and agricultural origin of about 4 million tons. Currently, with some 900 MW operating in Spain, the demand is around 9 million tons of biomass, mainly residues from the oil industry, the wood and paper industry, and other biofuels of forest and agricultural origin.
The award ceremony will take place on December 3, Bioenergy Day in Spain. The Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) awards the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía 2020' award to Christian Rakos, current president of the World Bioenergy Association, in recognition of the solid collaboration that, in a personal capacity, he has maintained with AVEBIOM in the dissemination and development of the solid biomass sector for energy uses in Spain for 16 years.