Portugal advances the closure to 2022 of the Pego coal thermal power station, and analyzes its transfer to biomass.

Coal Plant in Portugal

In the thermal power station of Pego, of 628 MW, before the imminent closing foreseen in 2022 and to extend the life of the power station, they are analyzing the alternative of replace coal with forest biomass, but it will depend on the conditions that the Government grants for it.

The current managers of the plant consider that it would be necessary to solve the logistics related to the supply of the biomass, because the Pego power plant could absorb around a third of the biomass available for this type of plants that Portugal can collect in one year.

Portugal has overcapacity in the production of energy, but as wants to close coal thermals in the next five years it will have to increase the renewable power, and for this it will be necessary to make an investment of about seven billion euros in renewable energy sources such as biomass or solar energy. The expectation of the Government is that in 2030, Portugal can get renewables to represent 47% of the final energy demand.

Source: https://elperiodicodelaenergia.com