COSE defended forest biomass at Expobiomasa

Cose participates in Expobiomasa
Its manager, Patricia Gómez, participated in the International Domestic Pellet Market Conference (CIMEP)

Forest biomass, as an energy resource, is a solution to the current energy crisis. Its obtaining is positive for our forests and for the bioeconomy demanded by the European Union.

According to COSE (Confederation of Organizations of Foresters of Spain), to strengthen the forest biomass market, are more forestry planning and management needed, and are essential more active policies and a regulatory and legislative framework that favors the management of this renewable energy source.

Spain is a forestry power with an abundance of biomass resources but there is minimal energy use. Spain is the third European country for absolute biomass resources and the seventh in per capita terms. However, it is at the bottom of the European ranking by consumption of them.

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