ECOFRICALIA will install the first pellet factory in Cuba

biomass pellet plant

ECOFRICALIA will be in charge of installing the first pellet plant in Cuba. The installation is part of the development aid project “Energy valorization of residual woody biomass in agri-food and bionatural products industries.”

The project is developed for 18 months, starting in November 2022, at the Research Center for Protein Plants and Bionatural Products and consists of transforming the residual woody biomass from prunings of moringa, a very abundant plant in this country, to produce pellets that It will be used as fuel in dryers for agri-food products such as moringa leaves or tobacco and in the milk pasteurization process.

The objective is to modernize these sectors and gain energy self-sufficiency, eliminating current consumption of diesel and electricity.

In parallel, activities are planned to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities, such as the construction of an experimental pelletizing and combustion plant in Cubaenergia that will serve as a test bed and contribute to the training of specialized personnel and to analyze the replicability of the project.

Moringa is a tree native to India that is grown in warm areas and from which practically all of its parts can be used: bark, pods, seeds, roots and flowers.

The project has a duration of 18 months and a budget of €507.400. Led by the University of Zaragoza through CIRCE (Associate of AVEBIOM), has other Spanish partners such as SODePAZ and Curved Quintin S.L (associate of AVEBIOM), and a Cuban partner, Cubasolar.

ECOFRICALIA is a partner of Avebiom and participate in Expobiomasa