In Spain, in 2021, more than 75.000 automatic biomass combustion equipment (pellet, splinter, bone,...), and nearly 70.000 firewood equipment have been installed. Many of them replacing fossil, diesel and gas energy systems, which negatively affect climate change. Is being implanted massively in independent homes, and increasingly in Neighborhood communities, industries, warehouses, farms, greenhouses, hotels, residences, universities, schools, hospitals and swimming pools.

The success of a good operation is in a correct installation of the equipment and its components. The support that the almost 10.000 professional installers who work in Spain find in the brands that participate in Expobiomasa with training, advice, ergonomics and efficiency is essential to achieve efficiency and profitability.

Promak Selling Solutions SLU, a Spanish company specialized in offering solutions and technologies for wood processing lines, has recently signed a strategic collaboration agreement aimed at distributing the technology of Mesutronic GmbH, a German company with more than 30 years of experience in innovative technology of metal detection for industrial applications, in Spain
The company QUEBINEX from Cáceres, which participated in Expobiomasa 2023, has facilitated a strategic change in energy technology in many bakeries in Extremadura, replacing diesel burners with biomass ones, which the same company designs, builds and installs.
Diflux Pellets installation kits allow you to solve installations for the evacuation of combustion products from sealed pellet appliances combining:
The Spanish manufacturer of reference in the market for ducts, tubes and chimneys presents on this occasion, the finishing for chimneys with a rotating system that simultaneously prevents the entry of rainwater and the negative effects of the wind. The turning mechanism is outside the area of ​​contact with the smoke, thus avoiding the deterioration of this mechanism by the action of the smoke.
This rotary cleaning system is capable of descaling and removing soot without having to access the roofs, minimizing the technician's risks, preventing tile breakage and allowing cleaning to be carried out regardless of weather conditions. Guaranteeing an optimal result, quickly and cleanly.
The DUOTHERM device allows you to regulate different heating circuits with the same or different temperatures directly from the boiler without the need for a 3-way mixing valve. Each circuit is regulated to the temperature of our needs and a different time schedule can be made. It consists of two positions:
Clima1000 is an integration system for pellet stoves, wood-burning fireplaces, heat pumps, hydro stoves, biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, gas boilers,... and top types of thermal generators that allow optimizing the different sources of energy.
The Italian firm Aelix, an expert in electronic regulators for fireplaces, stoves and thermo fireplaces and wood and pellet stoves, presents at Expobiomasa its new electronic regulator with a selection of five air flow speeds in touch mode, the ELX AIR IR.
Jacob's metallic pipe helps the assemblies and designs of industrial plants in a very simple and economical way, since they are like LEGO pieces, joined together by clamps and joints, this avoids having to weld between the pieces, in addition, to maintenance is only necessary to change the broken or worn part.
In June a trip to Finland will be organized to learn about the solutions and supplier companies, for example, for renewable energies. Participants will be able to visit supplier factories and renewable energy plants. During the trip the participants will visit the city of Mikkeli, its surroundings and Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The dates will be from September 18 to 22 (new dates). 
The ATIVVENT hat is distinguished by the various windows at the bottom, which function as air inlets. Air enters through these, which narrow, allowing the wind speed to increase on the way out. In this way, the fumes/gases are extracted more quickly. The particularity of this hat is that it is more efficient when there is wind.
The Austrian firm ÖkoFEN Calefacción con Pellets launches a promotional campaign in which it guarantees a stable supply of pellets for its boiler, maintaining a price of €5,70 for a 15 kg bag of pellets, €399 for a pallet of 70 bags of certified pellets, during the 2023-24 and 2024-25 season, the offer applies to Pellematic Compact boilers with