Extremadura bakeries already use biomass thanks to QUEBINEX burners

biomass burners
A company that extends beyond national borders.

The company from Cáceres QUEBINEX, which participated in Expobiomasa 2023, has facilitated a strategic change in energy technology in many bakeries in Extremadura, replacing diesel burners with biomass ones, which the same company designs, builds and installs.

With daily heat needs in the ovens, the savings generated by using biomass instead of diesel in a bakery is between 30 and 60% from the first day. In addition, the excellent behavior of the pellet or the olive stone compared to diesel or gas improves the quality of the breads and baked doughs, since they provide a more gradual heat that facilitates slower and more perfect cooking.

In addition to the bakery sector, the company serves other industries with thermal energy needs with burners of different powers and with other products such as biomass hot air generators, oriented, above all, to the agricultural and livestock market (farms) and for some sawmills.

Quebinex has a range of biomass burners between 20 kW and 3 MW, which can work with different solid biofuels: pellets, olive pits, almond shells, pistachios, peach pits... In addition, equipment over 150 kW They have an automatic cleaning system.

A company that extends beyond national borders.

Javier Martínez Lesmes, commercial director of Quebinex and head of the company's internationalization, explains how it has gained a presence in countries around the world since, in 2018, the company installed the first burners in neighboring Portugal in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Its entry into France led to an expansion of its production which, since then, includes hot air generators. In 2022 they sold 10 hot air generators with a 200 kW multi-fuel burner, GT 210 BIO. In this country they have a network of partners for optimal after-sales service.

In Kenya, a 300 kW burner has already been installed in the chemical industry and they plan to manufacture twenty more. While in Uruguay and Chile they are placing burners and generators on farms, plantations, dryers, greenhouses and bakeries. At the moment they are finalizing contacts to enter the Brazilian regions of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

More recently, they have entered Morocco where they have placed 12 biomass burners in as many diesel boilers, which were not used due to the high price of diesel.

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