SILOMETRIC Wireless level sensor for stock control present at Expobiomasa

SILOMETRIC Wireless level sensor for stock control

Silometric is a laser technology sensor that performs readings in the pellet storage system, inside the silo. It works completely wirelessly, has minimal maintenance, is self-installable and does not require any type of electrical installation. This solution uses a radio frequency data transmission system, covering most of the territory.

By web application all the data obtained by the sensors are seen and can be consulted from any intelligent electronic device, presenting the information in a user-oriented, easy, visual and intuitive way.

The device is made of high density polypropylene, reinforced with fiberglass and UV protection. This provides the necessary robustness to extend its useful life in the event of any weather.

Silometric contributes safety, comfort and proactivity. Security for end users, avoiding possible dangerous checks and eradicating the problem of running out of pellets. Convenience so they can check the product level in real time from anywhere. And its implementation allows manufacturers and distributors of pellets to work proactively, so knowing the real state of their customers can optimize the management and efficient planning of supply routes, reduce costs of unnecessary transport, and avoid transport orders wrongly provisioned

Our web platform allows you to control locations, set minimum alarms for uncontrolled or excessive consumption. All readings are shown in a graph (exportable to Excel format) and allow access to as many users as appropriate.

MCSYSTEMS has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here