The installation of the Herrera del Duque Municipal Heated Pool presents the nomination for the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award

Herrera de Duque heated pool

Commissioning of the municipal heated pool with a biomass installation, stocked with pellets, and in charge of guarantee the correct temperature of water from both the ACS consumption network and the network of the different vessels.

It is used in the start-up from scratch and also as auxiliary support of the rest of the heating systems if required, sized with sufficient capacity to cover all the demand in case of failure of the rest of the energy supply systems.

The boiler for which it has been chosen is a SMART boiler model 150, supplied with solid fuel by means of an automatic auger, from a hopper located in the adjacent room. The boiler supplies a inertia tank, model Lapesa MV1500, 1500 liter capacity, to achieve an improvement in the energy efficiency of the boiler itself, thus reducing the number of starts and stops. Said circuit, called primary, recirculates through the use of parallel pumps, to 3 exchangers placed for each use, one from the DHW accumulators and 2 from each of the 2 vessels, which have a 3-way valve , to avoid unnecessary wear of said exchangers, if their use is not required.

The application of this new biomass installation has allowed the operation of the municipal heated pool.

The Herrera de Duque Town Hall has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here