TiEmme elettronica, the Italian technology firm presents the Smart Clima1000 system at Expobiomasa

electronic biomass wood stove
The Clima1000 control system has been designed to manage heating and cooling systems with a buffer tank.

Clima1000 is an integration system for pellet stoves, wood-burning fireplaces, heat pumps, hydro stoves, biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, gas boilers,... and top types of thermal generators that allow optimizing the different sources of energy.

Its strong point is the ability to select, based on both weather conditions and different temperatures, the most suitable generator, optimizing costs, generator performance and heat saved. Thanks also to Internet access, all the data that is collected and processed can be useful.

It manages up to 5 mixed heating/cooling distribution zones including the production of domestic hot water (ACS) that it manages intelligently. The system also has the following functions:

  • Optimized heating/cooling management by reading the outside temperature
  • Cooling management through communication and integration of the Heat Pump
  • High efficiency pump management
  • Modbus management with any baud rate
  • Optimization of the charge of the buffer tank for greater energy savings
  • Management of thermal solar panels also with PWM pump
  • Ease of configuration of even the most complex systems
  • Management and integration of up to 3 generators
  • Safe management of domestic hot water (anti-legionella)
  • Energy efficiency with energy consumption graphs

More information www.tiemmeelettronica.it