BOGA TÉCNICA presents the open-mouth bagger for paper sacks at EXPOBIOMASA

expobiomass bogatecnica

Wood pellets are an important alternative to fossil fuels because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and CO2 neutral. And it's an extremely smart way to recover waste from wood treatment. This is evidenced by the growth in demand for forest biomass of 14% worldwide in 2018 (+ 8% in Europe) compared to the previous year. In addition, with the heated debate on climate change and the new European regulations on plastic packaging in force since 2021, the choice to pack it in the paper sack becomes much more than a simple option.

Technical Vogue, as a provider of automatic bagging lines in the sector, is no stranger to this market evolution, and that is why it will exhibit, at the ExpoBiomasa 2021 edition, the open mouth bagger model IGF600 from our supplier Concepts, equipment capable of producing 600 bags / hour in 15kg format in ecological pre-made paper bags.

The work system is totally automatic from the taking of the sack, weighing, filling and closing of the sacks by means of a double thread sewing machine, guaranteeing a Paper sack well closed, resistant, easy to transport and recyclable.

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