In Europe, there are already more than two million biomass boilers for domestic use with power less than 50kW, and annual sales of over 200.000 units. By country, the market is led by Germany with a park that exceeded 2020 operating boilers in 320.000 and annual sales of more than 40.000 units. Spain with updated data had 60.000 pellet boilers for domestic use installed in 2021, the year in which 8.800 units were sold.

Respecto a the installation of pellet stoves, the latest statistical data estimates that there are already 7 million pellet stoves operating throughout Europe with annual sales of over 800.000 units. The positive evolution of sales in the countries of the Mediterranean area stands out. Italy has just over 2,1 million stoves in operation in 2020 and France with 1,2 million pellet stoves in operation. In 2021, Spain had 430.000 operational pellet stoves and annual sales of over 66.000 units.

Discover the revolutionary pelletstar-H/HE, an advanced pellet boiler that fuses efficient combustion technology with an innovative design based on the successful pellet condensation technology.
This innovative heating circuit regulator has modern touch screen control. The light-colored display allows for intuitive navigation, so you can easily determine how you want to distribute heat in your home. Advantages of Pelletronic Touch:
The Furanflex® system offers the possibility of rehabilitating chimneys and ducts of any shape, size and length without requiring extensive masonry work. Its installation process is extremely fast, allowing the internal reconstruction of the chimneys and their immediate use in a matter of hours. Chimneys, both built and metallic, experience a continuous process of deterioration, which is attributable not so much to the materials used but rather to the high temperatures to which they are subjected.
Winner in the Technological Innovation category of the Innovation Awards 2023 The new Electronic Combustion Control (ECC) from JOTUL GROUP improves its wood stoves to achieve optimal combustion continuously through constant evaluation of combustion and regulation of supply of air in a friendly way, with minimal user intervention.
Primato's mission is to offer cooking equipment and other elements related to modern catering, responding to the demands of mobility, while guaranteeing the maximum commitment in terms of performance and versatility. Accelerate the transition to a world of sustainable energy sources.
Thanks to total combustion, it is extraordinarily efficient and produces emissions that comply with even the most restrictive regulations, in addition to reducing ash production by 70%. The self-cleaning brazier and the "speedy clean" system simplify cleaning.
Chimneys, both masonry and metal, suffer a process of continuous deterioration, due not so much to the materials used, but rather to the high temperatures they have to withstand, as well as the chemical reactions produced by the materials themselves. products and processes of combustion, regardless of the fuel used.
Thanks to the electronic control of the pyrogasification phases (first phase of pyrolysis in orange flame, second phase of gasification in blue flame) of the Primato system, we manage to manage a clean flame that works without smoke or residues from start to finish. Firstly, we produce charcoal and synthesis gas, and secondly, we are able to decompose all the residues from the pellets.
Driade is a "pellet stove concept" developed within the Green-Stove project, to field test a set of new technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency and significantly reducing emissions into the atmosphere, through new systems of combustion and combustion management.
Many of the Ungaro stoves already adopt the new easy cleaning system. A patent that ensures the cleanliness of the brazier simply by opening the technical door of the combustion chamber. The simplicity of a gesture without having to manipulate the burner, makes the waste fall into the corresponding drawer, preparing the brazier for a new ignition.
Hybrid stove (pellet-wood). Fully deactivated natural convection, upper ventilation and rear ducting (available with optional kit). Self-cleaning brazier with automatic combustion and air flow control system, optimized according to the fuel used. With a thermal power of up to 10.3 kW. Pellet deposit of 18 kilos and an autonomy of up to 18 hours. Possibility of remote control with the WI-FI kit.
Stove with majolica coating, silent system with natural convection and upper smoke outlet. With the Still Hot system that allows creating accumulation surfaces of any shape and positioning them in the parts where the stove has the best performance and increases comfort. Up to 30% savings in consumption compared to a traditional pellet stove of the same power. EVACALOR will be present at Expobiomasa 2023