Ecoforest helps you benefit from the advantages of the biomass boiler

Ecoforest stand at Expobiomasa 2019


It is an energy type resulting from the use of organic matter from waste generated by humans, animals, plants, or organic waste from industrial processes. This waste can be used for combustion and heat generation, and the practical application is that it is possible to heat our homes because we already have the possibility of installing biomass boilers.


There are many advantages offered by this type of boilers, but we highlight the most important:

They save us a lot of money. When we examine the electricity and heating bill of our home or business, we always ask ourselves about the possibility of saving in this aspect and this possibility exists and is real thanks to this type of boilers. They are very efficient and given the material used as fuel (biomass) in relation to the power needed for the transformation into light and heat, the savings in our bill are really noticeable.

They produce clean energy. They are very ecological and their emissions to the atmosphere are much smaller. In addition, due to their reduced environmental impact, some autonomous communities are subsidizing, through Renewal Plans, the replacement of the old boilers with these new ones of biomass.

They offer great security. They incorporate state-of-the-art security elements. The tranquility is assured with the periodic revisions that mark the manufacturer.


There are different types of biomass boiler. Regardless of the technical considerations that each of them may have, we will distinguish them according to the type of fuel they use:

Pellet boilers. It is a fuel composed mainly of sawdust. This type of boilers are the most used since it is in which the savings in the bill are most noticeable.

Splinter boilers This type of boiler is fed based on small pieces of wood from forest or logging farms. It will not work the same with one type of wood than with another. The wood of certain trees such as spruce or beech is recommended for optimal operation.

Boilers with inverted flame. The closest thing to the old chimneys. Wood is used to heat isolated houses producing a large amount of heat energy.

Multi-fuel They are quite powerful. The characteristic note is the type of residue from which they are fed, which are either almond shells or olive bones.


It is a reality that is firmly committed to a type of energy, not only cheaper, but less harmful to the environment and with lower consumption. Undoubtedly this type of energy is the one that will be used in our homes in the future.