PALAZZETTI presents at Expobiomasa the VIVIENNE pellet stove that incorporates the new T3 Platform

electronic biomass wood stove
The new T3 platform is the TOP of technological innovation in the field of pellet stoves.

Thanks to total combustion, it is extraordinarily efficient and produces emissions that comply with even the most restrictive regulations, in addition to reducing ash production by 70%. The self-cleaning brazier and the "speedy clean" system simplify cleaning.

The new pellet stove Vivienne adopt the T3 platform which comes to be a concentrate of cutting-edge technologies that guarantees numerous advantages compared to traditional pellet stoves.

  1. TOTAL COMBUSTION: through the complete combustion of the pellets and the cyclical recombustion of the ashes, the calorific power of the fuel is used to the maximum, obtaining very high yields and drastically reducing waste (up to 70%). This translates into a considerable advantage for users, who will be able to empty the brazier less frequently and will only have the minerals contained in the pellets as residue, which will no longer be able to provide energy.
  2. SELF-CLEANING BRAZIER: system capable of keeping the brazier clean independently, thus guaranteeing a longer duration and constant performance over time.
  3. EXCHANGER WITH 4 SMOKE PIPES: the careful study of the geometry of the exchanger makes it possible to achieve a high power (13 kW), to simplify cleaning operations while maintaining a small size of the hearth (diameter 58 cm).
  4. QUICK CLEANING: possibility of carrying out cleaning operations in an extremely simple way and without the need to disassemble any component.
  5. AIR PRO - Can accommodate up to 3 independent fans to distribute heat evenly throughout the home.
  6. ZERO SPEED FAN: possibility of excluding all ventilation to enjoy natural heating with greater acoustic comfort and reducing energy consumption.


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