Primato automatic pellet pyrogasification system

pellet biomass innovation
It is a patented fully automatic pellet combustion system that works with pyrogasification technology adapted to domestic use, without producing smoke or ashes.

Thanks to the electronic control of the pyrogasification phases (first phase of pyrolysis in orange flame, second phase of gasification in blue flame) of the Primato system, we manage to manage a clean flame that works without smoke or residues from start to finish. Firstly, we produce charcoal and synthesis gas, and secondly, we are able to decompose all the residues from the pellets.

This technology opens up a wide scenario of possible uses, from the well-known outdoor heaters and ovens already included in the Primato range, to another series of items that produce heat from pellets without smoke emission and without the need for electricity.

In addition, the emissions and efficiency of this technology have been tested by two of the most important accredited laboratories with results that a standard combustion system can never achieve.

The first model launched (Model L - Faro) has already been awarded the ADI Industrial Design award.

This model has been a candidate for the Technological Innovation Award at Expobiomasa 2023.


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