PALAZZETTI presents its ECOMONOBLOCCO WT (Wood Tecnology) Firewood Home in Expobiomasa

ECOMONOBLOCCO WT Firewood Home Scheme

The WT series Ecomonoblocco is a device that has the following new technologies:

  1. ET4W (Easy Tech For Wood): new technology for wood products that allows you to control, completely automatically, a whole set of household functions through the wall control panel, the remote control or with a smartphone (using an APP). The controllable functions are:
    • Flame power.
    • Ventilation.
    • Opening and closing the door.
    • Turning the nozzle LEDs on and off.
  2. COMBUSTION CONTROL WITH CONTINUOUS REGULATION: patented system for the regulation of combustion with continuous variation, which acts at the same time on both air flows, primary and secondary.
  3. O2RING: integrated system that allows to reduce emissions considerably, and allows it to comply with the most restrictive European regulations on emissions.
  4. FUEL AIR CHANNELING: This device allows the combustion air to be channeled directly from the outside of the house, avoiding the injection of air into the house, offering more safety, comfort and efficiency.

Ecomonoblocco WT is a true heating installation that provides the ideal climate for the whole house, with minimal linesimalviews featuring only the flame; It can be controlled remotely and its benefits are extraordinary. In fact, its very high performance allows it to achieve 4 stars according to DM 186 for the Italian market and 7 Flamme Verte stars in France. Too complies with Ecodesign 2022.

PALAZZETTI LELIO SPA has presented this candidacy for the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award. More information about the Innovation Award here