MELTEMI present at Expobiomasa thanks to JOLLY MEC


The design of the Meltemi stove bases its development on the analysis of the dynamics of thermal fluxes developed by heating systems. This analysis has identified that the optimal solution for heating systems, where the air flow is noticeable, is optimized through the vertical air outlet with respect to people: the longer the length of the air shovel, more homogeneous is the diffusion of heat compared to the room in which it has been installed.

The sliding front panel of the Meltemi stove allows the outgoing air to be directed. The hot air flow thus obtained also reduces dust movement, unlike the systems that direct the air towards the ground. These technical solutions have allowed us to characterize the design of the stove, making it recognizable and unique in its kind.

The hermetic Meltemi stove is the only one with the exclusive "Vertical Air" patent, thanks to which the hot air forms a vertical current.

The Meltemi stove is suitable for heating medium and large surfaces. Thanks to the duct system, it is possible to heat more rooms evenly by taking advantage of the high efficiency of the internal ventilation system.

The AUTO function, which can be configured by remote control, automatically guarantees the correct power level of the machine according to the ambient heat demand. The user can manually manage the operation of the duct duct fans or it can be configured automatically according to the ambient temperature of the rooms with individual heating. The product is especially suitable for simple use and, at the same time, has the remote control possibility through an application to manage the various functions.

JOLLY MEC has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here