Pellet boiler at the Roncal Nature Interpretation Center in Navarra

biomass pellet boiler in Navarra
Replace your old diesel boiler with a pellet one

Since last December, the Roncal Nature Interpretation Center has had a biomass boiler fueled by pellets to generate heat on the three floors that make up the building. A 32 kW boiler and an 825 liter inertia system have been installed to mitigate power peaks. The boiler, in addition, is fed thanks to an external filling silo through a pneumatic system.

This boiler replaces a gas-oil one, thus incorporating into the Foral Administration systems for the thermal use of forest biomass of local origin, as promoted by the 2019 Navarra Forestry Agenda. Thanks to the new boiler, 12 tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere in one year.

Given the need to replace the existing diesel boiler and after studying various alternatives (installation of a wood, chip or pellet boiler), it was decided to install a biomass boiler fueled by pellets, taking into account the characteristics of the building. This alternative allows more autonomy in the ignition and generates less maintenance work. The pellets used have specific quality certifications for this type of fuel, are supplied by Navarran companies and their origin comes from sustainably managed forests.

Reduction of foreign energy dependency

Navarre has great potential for the use of forest biomass thanks to the large forest area it has, which covers 64% of its territory.

Forest biomass is a renewable energy source whose consumption generates multiple advantages. Part of a sustainable use of forest resources, which entails other benefits such as the reduction of the risk of forest fires, the generation of economy and income for rural areas, the maintenance of their population, the consumption of local products and the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels and, consequently, of foreign energy dependency. For all these reasons, forest biomass is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

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