POB PATERNO presents its Faro heater at Expobiomasa

Pob Stove

Pyrolytic pellet heater for outdoors that works with a process of micro-gasification.

The engineering of pyrolytic burner combined with the innovative electronic automatic combustion control makes it possible to have a Completely smoke-free and clean combustion and, therefore, a clean glass of 200 mm wide for a perfect view of the flame at 360 °.

By controlling the two main phases of the combustion process, pyrolysis with orange flame and gasification with blue flame, it is possible to have a final solid residue lower than 1% of the initial charge and work completely without smoke emissions.

This technology can be applied both for indoor and outdoor

When POB Paterno launched this technology for the first time, the Faro outdoor heater won the ADI (Italian Association of Industrial Design) nomination during the Progetto Fuoco 2018 fair in Verona. Now the same technology has been extended to PBQ pellet grills and new indoor equipment to be introduced later this year. 

These product ranges are oriented to different user groups, highlighting the HORECA sector for Faro and domestic use for PBQ barbecues. 

However, the broad objective of all these teams is to spread the idea of ​​working with renewable energies and biomass also for these aspects of standard life that normally use different types of fuels.

POB PATERNO has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here