Rehabilitation of old chimneys without works with the Furanflex® system by DR HUMO at Expobiomasa

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The recovery and rehabilitation of old chimneys and ducts through the Furanflex® system is the fastest and most effective technique to solve problems of cracks and odors in chimneys that are not watertight or that are difficult to pipe.

Chimneys, both masonry and metal, suffer a process of continuous deterioration, due not so much to the materials used, but rather to the high temperatures they have to withstand, as well as the chemical reactions produced by the materials themselves. products and processes of combustion, regardless of the fuel used. The repair of chimneys supposes a significant cost accompanied, frequently, by annoying and expensive masonry and reform works.

With the Furanflex ® system, chimneys and ducts of any shape, size and length are rehabilitated, without the need for major masonry works. A very fast installation process, which, in a few hours, allows the interior reconstruction of the chimneys and their immediate use. Seamless and completely watertight. It adapts to the shape and development of the original canal. With a thickness of 3 to 5 mm, very little section is subtracted from the original duct, so it does not harm the draft of the chimney.

This system consists of the introduction through the old duct of a thermosetting lining of composite® material. Next, steam is blown into it, thus adapting to the walls of the conduit. Once the duct is swollen, the catalyzation process begins and, in just a few hours, it is completely hard and suitable for use. Its hardness is comparable to steel, fireproof, anticorrosive and with a heat resistance of up to 1.000 degrees Celsius.

In addition to biomass, it is indicated for gas, diesel, ventilation and rainwater boilers.

DRHUMO SOLUCIONES Y SERVICIOS, SL presents this technology at Expobiomasa.


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