The Italian manufacturer UNGARO presents at Expobiomasa an innovative easy cleaning system for pellet stoves.

biomass pellet stoves
"as easy as opening the door"

Many of the Ungaro stoves already adopt the new easy cleaning system. A patent that ensures the cleanliness of the brazier simply by opening the technical door of the combustion chamber. The simplicity of a gesture without having to manipulate the burner, makes the waste fall into the corresponding drawer, preparing the brazier for a new ignition. Opening the combustion chamber door, the waste falls into the container drawer without touching the brazier.

The "easy cleaning" innovation is a meeting point of the urgent need to minimize the user's contact with the annoying dust resulting from the normal work cycles of the pellet stove and to reduce the energy costs derived from the use of electric motors for which, in some solutions already present on the market, the cleaning of the brazier is delegated.

The operating scheme of a biomass stove foresees a point where the combustion of pellets takes place, the so-called "brazier". The market today offers components that must be understood as "manual", that is, completely removable from your body in order to be able to empty them.

This system provides for the separation of the bottom of the side walls of the brazier, surfaces normally joined together. When the door of the firebox is opened, to which it is connected by a special mechanism, the bottom of the brazier slides parallel to the very surface and perpendicular to the side walls. Combustion residues fall into the ash drawer. The user no longer has the task of removing the brazier to clean it.

The development of this project also promises the company to reduce the acquisition of components and materials from non-European suppliers and optimize management times in the after-sales department.

Ungaro participates in Expobiomasa 2023

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