Technology, design, price and comfort These are the characteristics that most value European customers of domestic equipment with power less than 50kW. The main trend in manufacturing firms is the adaptation of models to Ecodesign.

In Europe they operate close to one million boilers for domestic use and around 82.000 units are sold annually. Germany, with more than 265.000 biomass boilers running, and Italy, with 115.000 boilers, lead the sales ranking with 15.000 units. Austria, with 125.000 boilers, the country with the best ratio per inhabitant by having a boiler for every Austrian 70. Y Spain had 2018 with 18.000 pellet boilers for domestic use, year in which 2.400 units were sold, an 7,1% more than the previous one.

The latest available European data indicates that there are more than 4,6 millions of pellet stoves running and that annual sales exceed 570.000 units. It highlights the positive evolution of sales in the Mediterranean countries. Italy has 2,6 millions of stoves running and leads the sales ranking with 180.000 units. It is followed by France, which at the end of 2017 had 740.000 pellet stoves working, and its sales grew by 35%, up to 144.000 units. Spain had 2017 with 220.000 operating pellet stoves, one for every Spanish 1.145. One year later, the estimated number of operating stoves in Spain was almost 270.000, and sales had increased by 19%.

AirPro System is Palazzetti's biomass technology for channeling hot air in several rooms.
Bronpi presented at Expobiomasa 2019 16 news of its range of boilers and biomass stoves. Tavira ensure it is the smallest insert in the market.
Ecoforest continues to be the market leader in pellet stoves and boilers, struggling day by day to create more technological and efficient products, at a time when it is necessary to take care of our planet, Ecoforest continues to expand its range of products towards different energies renewable, from the Biomass, passing
List of exhibitors by products and services: Boilers, stoves and fireplaces
Pellet stoves, pellet boilers and all kinds of domestic solutions with biomass will be present at Ecoforest stand in Expobiomasa 2019.
Tulikivi presents its biomass stoves at Expobiomasa. Based on statita: comfort, savings ....
Summer has arrived. The long-awaited time to go on vacation to relax and recharge the batteries before autumn falls. But have you thought how will you heat your house this year? Well, you should do it because, according to the PIAZZETTA GROUP, the summer is the best time to choose a pellet or wood stove for three reasons:
The Austrian firm will show, among other technologies, its latest boilers and biomass stoves in Expobiomasa.
Particle reduction and efficiency improvement in the biomass boiler.
Innovations in Lacunza's biomass fireplaces
Ecoforest presents its biomass pellet boilers in Expobiomasa