Burpellet, from 40 to 100 employees to guarantee the supply of biomass to its customers.

Burpellet storage bags of pelelts

Eight years ago, the timber company Hijos de Tomás Martín, assumed a great challenge and a business and social commitment, beginning its journey in the biomass sector with the manufacture of Enplus certified quality pellet under the BURPELLET brand. Its location, in the middle of the Burgos forests, and the current social landscape makes this family business advocate day by day for job creation and rural development. Its workforce has increased from 40 workers in 2010 to 100 direct workers in 2019 and with a constant support to the rural society that fights for the future of the environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

The alternative to biomass has penetrated society as a solution to domestic and industrial needs, turning the pellet into a fuel that takes advantage of a local raw material that cannot be relocated and avoid dependence and volatility of fossil fuels. In Spain, the production capacity of domestic pellets installed in 2018 was two million tons, always much higher than the demand and national production of 600.000 tons that year.

In the last year the pellet has become slightly more expensive, after having been going down for many years. Wrongly, the view had been extended that it was due to the shortage of raw material and the saturation of the market. In this regard, the International Domestic Pellet Market Conference has shown that nothing is further from reality. The sector has been affected by administrative and computer changes in public procurement and awards of wood tenders, which have prevented companies from accessing a resource that in our country is underutilized, since currently consumes 35% of the forest resources that our forests generate each year, which are located in 50 millions of cubic meters, and the 65% are still not used for any use. It is expected that in the coming months the situation will stabilize, facilitating access to forests, harmonizing the supply and demand of raw materials.

Burpellet, one of the largest producing factories in the sector, works every day to stabilize tariffs. and ensures continuity of supply, adapting its production to demand and making investments that have allowed it to increase its production capacity. Aware of the strong seasonality of demand, it maintains constant production and has sufficient stock capable of supplying the needs of its customers, avoiding inventory breaks to its distributors and shortages of the final customer.

Source: AVEBIOM, Diario de Burgos.