PELLET production increases by 20 percent in Spain.

AVEBIOM prepares a statistical report every year on the situation of the pellet market in Spain.

According to the statistical report on the wood pellet market for the year 2022 of AVEBIOM, pellet production in Spain grew by 2021% in 5, reaching 641.710 tons. About to end another turbulent year in the sector, the production forecasts for 2022 is that 126.590 tons more will be produced than in 2021, an increase of 20%.

This increase in production has been enough to satisfy the increased demand for domestic consumption without major problems and to increase exports to other European countries.

Most of the national production is already certified ENplus® taking 87% of the market; practically all the important plants produce under the quality scheme, but every year new distributors are added, which improves the consistency of a quality offer to the consumer. Between 2020 and December 2022, 2 new plants and 9 suppliers have been certified, reaching 100 certificates issued in Spain.

Although the statistical report does not analyze prices, Pablo Rodero, head of certification in AVEBIOM and current president of the European Pellet Council (EPC)Stresses that “despite the notable rise in the price of pellets this year, its energy cost (€/kWh) has always remained lower than that of any fossil fuel or electricity. In Europe, a change in the downward trend is already evident in the prices of the pellet and also of the splinter, which will soon begin to be noticed in Spain as well”.

In fact, since October the price curve of pellets for domestic use has begun to smooth out and the average price of a 15 kg bag at the end of November was €7,79, making it possible to find it at lower prices.