The specialist platform for the sale of biomass is presented at Expobiomasa

biomass pellet sale
It is a pioneering online biomass sales platform in Spain that allows manufacturers and distributors to offer their products, making it easier for the end customer to purchase.

It is a digital tool that connects biomass and natural energy producers with the client. With just over a year of experience, more than 800 satisfied customers and more than a thousand tons of biomass sold, it is a digital Marketplace for producers and customers where you can access the best biomass offer on the market with a single click. .

On the one hand, producers and distributors enjoy a secure sale with all the guarantees, since the platform is in charge of logistics, customer service, billing and advertising at no cost, all with total transparency.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the client will access every day of the year from anywhere and at any time to a large catalog with the best offers and qualities on the market. Your purchase will be personalized, comfortable, fast and safe. In addition, you have the guarantee that the product arrives in optimal conditions at your home, thanks to the monitoring of the platform.

The products and services of have a certified quality and a commitment to our environment. They are sustainable and natural, which helps reduce their impact on the environment.

The advantages of the platform are personalized treatment, comfort and guarantee. The staff advises and resolves any query at all times, and will also monitor the order from the moment it leaves the factory until it arrives at home.


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