Bioenergy Barbero expands pellet storage capacity

Storage silos from Bioenergy Barbero

Bioenergy Barbero, energy services company and unique Dealer based in pellet Salamanca ENplus®, has recently expanded its biomass collection capacity with the installation of two fully automatic pellet silos. 

ESE already had two ships of 3.000 m2 to store a permanent stock of 5.000 tons of biomass in bulk or in bags. With the new silos increases your capacity until 8.000 tons. In this way, says Alfonso Barbero, manager of the company, they are advancing on two fronts. 

On the one hand, the pellet is secured during the winter campaign, avoiding potential problems of shortage in the market. And on the other hand, they have improved the quality and management of the supply to the customer thanks to the automation of the process - from the unloading to the loading of the trucks that will be distributed to the final customer until the humidity and temperature control of the product. In addition, a screening system integrated into the silos guarantees a thin free pellets.

Bioenergy Barbero has more than 90.000 users and 55 MW installed biomass. In the last campaign (winter 2018-19) they have sold around 25.000 tons of ENplus® pellet, 70% in sack format and the rest in bulk. Its facilities consumed about 15.000 tons in the last year.

They also sell other 25.000 tons of different biomass, such as olive bone, splinter
and oak wood.

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