The energy supply and services company BIOENERGY BARBERO gives heating with biomass to 90.000 people from Salamanca

Bioenergy Barbero

With a sales volume of 24.000 tons of biomass per year, ESE Salamanca provides sustainable and comfortable heating to 90.000 users. 

Bioenergy Barbero is committed to digitization in the maintenance of centralized heating and hot water systems powered by biomass, a constant commitment to innovation. 
The company specializing in the change from coal to biomass boilers in neighboring communities has innovative remote management systems that facilitate remote control of the facilities. 

It offers its clients a single interlocutor to simplify their tasks and be able to have the maximum comfort and performance of the installation, taking responsibility for both the management and the execution of comprehensive maintenance services for equipment and facilities. 

Bioenergy Barbero participate in EXPOBIOMASA

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