Pellet manufacturers report that numerous websites continue to appear that defraud with the claim of selling at low prices to shops and distributors of pellets.

It is essential to be careful when buying pellets online.

From Apropellets they continue to detect web pages and emails that, with the claim to sell wood pellets, offer prices well below the market and only seek to defraud consumers and distributors.

Although the average prices of pellets at the factory have dropped compared to their maximum prices of last October, the main recommendation is to be suspicious of websites, emails and suppliers with much lower prices than those you can find on websites and suppliers more recognized.  

The following link of the association can find examples of websites that arouse greater suspicion, due to the use of trademarks, lack of identification of who is behind the website or those who have received a complaint.

It is essential to be careful when buying online, be very attentive to the price differences of a product of the same brand between different stores. And if there is suspicion, contact the producer or distributor directly. And if we have suffered a scam, it is best to report it to the police, and if it has appeared in internet searches, report it to search engines such as Google or itself. Internet User Security Office (OH YEAH).

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