In Europe, in 2019, there were already more than 1,6 million biomass boilers for domestic use with power less than 50kW, and annual sales of some 153.000 units. The number of biomass boilers operating in the EU28 is 1,4 million and annual sales of 132.000 units. By country, the market is led by Germany with more than 287.000 operating biomass boilers, followed by Italy, Bulgaria and Austria with more than 140.000 operating biomass boilers each. Sales were led in 2019 by Germany, Bulgaria, France and Italy, over 15.000 units. Spain had 20.600 pellet boilers for domestic use installed in 2019, the year in which 2.500 units were sold.

Respecto a the installation of pellet stoves, the latest statistical data available indicates that in 2019 there were 6,2 million stoves operating throughout Europe with annual sales of over 687.000 units. In the EU28 there are 5,6 million stoves operating with sales that exceeded 621.000 units. The positive evolution of sales in the Mediterranean countries stands out: Italy has just over 2 million stoves in operation and leads the sales ranking with 170.000 units; followed by France, which at the end of 2019 had more than 1 million pellet stoves operating, with sales exceeding 157.000 stoves per year; Spain had 2019 operational pellet stoves in 320.000, and 55.143 units were sold that year, one for every 851 Spaniards.

Erich Michbronn, Solartecnik's sales manager, presents in the following video his new line of stoves from the Ravelli, EOSS and Kalon brands. Designs with different finishes, elegant, lattice, with "magic" glass. And with different solutions that include ducted air and hot water for radiators.  
Alessandro Stevan, Export Manager of La Nórdica-Extraflame La Nordica - Extraflame presents its new range of pellet stoves and boilers at Expobiomasa 2021 in this video More information:
Javier Álvarez, commercial director of Ferlux, shows us in this video the characteristics of his novel Hidromatic pellet boiler, a fully automatic domestic boiler with easy maintenance. More info:
Boilers and stoves up to 50kW incorporate more sophisticated technology. The new European Ecodesign regulations require great emission control and high efficiency. The leading manufacturers present at the fair achieve attractive design equipment, comfort, automation and significant savings for the user.
Brand founded in 2018 with more than thirty years of experience in the biomass heating sector, Nobis is presented for the first time in the Spanish market with a range of products equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the market. Specialized in pellet stoves and fireplaces, Nobis offers a complete range of products, suitable to satisfy customer needs: Quiet, versatile, ecological, autonomous, remote controlled stoves, with modern and innovative finishes and coatings. .
In addition to the Innovation Award given to Sugimat, ÖkoFEN's ZeroFlame technology and Palazzetti's total pellet combustion system will receive second prize. In this call, and for the first time, the Innovation Award in the field of renewable gases is awarded.
With a minimalist design and very efficient operation, the Murcian firm brings to the Valladolid Fair a new design for its outdoor stove par excellence: the Armonía II model. With a new natural ventilation mechanism, the design and specifications of this outdoor stove have been simplified to the maximum in order to eliminate any problem, while preserving a striking and elegant aesthetic.
The new Iris model in its Hydro version will be an attractive solution for heating homes by using water.
It is a new concept of comfort and equipment in biomass heating. This new range includes as standard all the necessary equipment to produce heating and domestic hot water at home in a reduced space, and also without the need to change the existing installation. The possibility of controlling the boiler from anywhere, through a mobile device, is also incorporated as standard. 
The leading Italian firm brings to the Valladolid Fair what will be one of the star biomass boilers in all of Europe, the GOLDEN BOILER. A compact pellet boiler for domestic use manufactured under the ECODESIGN2020 standard and therefore very, very efficient. Some features stand out such as  
In Spain and Portugal, despite being a very widespread method, we should avoid coatings with a set of plasterboard and rock wool to clad chimneys, because using plates with vermiculite has many advantages for users and consumers. According to Justo Fernández, manager of Suakontrol, and an expert in thermal insulation, in northern Europe they throw their hands at the top when they are told about the coating that we generally use here. Why not use gypsum board and rock wool in a cladding?
Rika's Domo Back model complements Rika's best-selling model with a kitchen oven. With adjustable temperature from the touch screen, both for the stove and for the oven, independently, the Domo Back model takes a step forward in the management of the energy generated with a view to making the most of it. In addition, this model can incorporate up to two convection air fans.