Technology, design, price and comfort These are the characteristics that most value European customers of domestic equipment with power less than 50kW. The main trend in manufacturing firms is the adaptation of models to Ecodesign.

In Europe they operate close to one million boilers for domestic use and around 82.000 units are sold annually. Germany, with more than 265.000 biomass boilers running, and Italy, with 115.000 boilers, lead the sales ranking with 15.000 units. Austria, with 125.000 boilers, the country with the best ratio per inhabitant by having a boiler for every Austrian 70. Y Spain had 2018 with 18.000 pellet boilers for domestic use, year in which 2.400 units were sold, an 7,1% more than the previous one.

The latest available European data indicates that there are more than 4,6 millions of pellet stoves running and that annual sales exceed 570.000 units. It highlights the positive evolution of sales in the Mediterranean countries. Italy has 2,6 millions of stoves running and leads the sales ranking with 180.000 units. It is followed by France, which at the end of 2017 had 740.000 pellet stoves working, and its sales grew by 35%, up to 144.000 units. Spain had 2017 with 220.000 operating pellet stoves, one for every Spanish 1.145. One year later, the estimated number of operating stoves in Spain was almost 270.000, and sales had increased by 19%.

Llega el frío y estamos más tiempo en casa, por lo que es importante, mantener las estancias calientes, mejor que calderas de gas o gasoil son las estufas de pellets y chimeneas, tanto para la primera como para la segunda vivienda. Mucho más confortables, atractivas y sencillas de instalar son los equipos de pellets. 
Cost reduction in the installation of the Vap range of pellet boilers. The implemented ECOFOREST control strategies ensure the direct impulse and the programmed temperature against any emission system (radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating), guaranteeing a return temperature 10 ºC lower than the impulsion temperature, without the need to install inertia and anti-condensation valves and regardless of the number of radiators.
Despite the ongoing pandemic, Germany produced more than 1,5 million tons of wood pellets in the first half of 2020, representing an increase of 13%, 173.000 tons than the first half of 2019. With in order to meet the increase in domestic demand driven by new pellet boiler installations.
Heizomat partners with Siemens to equip its boilers with a new touch system to be able to regulate its wood boilers with it. This new system allows new possibilities for the management and control of different boiler setting parameters, while guaranteeing high reliability. More info:
Most of the biomass boiler manufacturers in Europe have worked early enough to bring a catalog of high-quality equipment on the market that meets eco-design requirements.
In Catalonia, the use of pellets and other biofuels has increased significantly. This has made it possible to valorise products extracted from forest cleaning.
Wood stoves of the Solzaima brand. High performance and low emissions. Ideal for low consumption homes.
New wood insert from Ferlux. This new biomass equipment is characterized by its polygonal shape and being suspended on the wall. It does not forget its main purpose and adds a double combustion and vermiculite in its combustion chamber.
Bronpi launches this 22 kW chimney so you can heat your house with wood, the biomass of a lifetime.
Termosun is the exclusive national distributor of the Austrian biomass firm HERZ. Examples of facilities include hospitals, hotels, spas, swimming pools, monasteries, ...
In this article you can discover the types of biomass boilers that exist and their advantages.
Apart from sustainability, the fight against climate change and price stability, the main reason for moving to a biomass facility is saving.