Evolution of the price of biofuels

Apart from sustainability, the fight against climate change and price stability, the main reason for moving to biomass is the saving.

The low temperatures have arrived and the houses begin to program their heating. This year, again, buildings equipped with biomass installations will notice the savings compared to those supplied with fossil fuels.

For residential or service buildings where heating can be used using splinters, there is no rival: savings greater than 65% if we compare with what those who use diesel for heating spend or 71% if they use natural gas. These are the latest data published for consumers in Eurostatds, IDAE and AVEBIOM. 

If the heating is of wood pellets, this autumn, saving is 36% compared to those who use natural gas and 22% compared to those who consume heating oil for a house with the same characteristics.

In summary: with these prices, the biomass consumer has very easy to amortize the installation price difference of a biomass boiler compared to that of a natural gas or diesel boiler, which does not give away more economical in the medium and long term for consumers.