AMG will show different KALOR brand biomass equipment at Expobiomasa

AMG Kalor pellet stove
Kalor's MINI 5S stove is a solution for extremely small spaces

Mini 5 of KALOR. This stove, in a simple way, guarantees efficiencies well above 90% and a power of up to 5kW enough to heat small rooms such as a tavern or apartments. All this at an extremely low price, one of a kind.

The unique characteristics of this product are the MAGIC glass, which when the stove is off is opaque but lets the flames glimpse once lit, and the wooden feet that add a touch of value to the entire stove.

More details of the product:

  • Heated surface: 315 cubic meters

  • Dimensions: 470x277x880 mm
  • Global thermal energy (max -min): 4,9 - 2,30 kW
  • Hourly consumption (max -min): 1,00 - 0,49 kg
  • Efficiency: 92%

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